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Looking for a decent clan to join

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Hey all,

looking to join a CW/Platoon clan.  I consider myself to be an active player.  If im not at work or hanging out with the family, im playing tanks.  I work shift work so I can only attend about 21 days a month to clan wars.  I am looking to improve my stats, but not at the expense of being a team player.


I have an IS7 and working on gettting a few more T10's soon.


Anyways i just thought i would see what my options are first before comitting to a clan.

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With only an IS-7 you might have a little trouble getting into one of the more hardcore CW clans, but if you'd like you could apply to M--M. We're have something of a training focus (many of our members mentor M-I-T guys, and B0BRoss from -G- uses our TS to lead training platoons, for example), but we're getting more and more heavily into Strongholds and Clan Wars, and there's plenty of platooning.


You could get your feet wet in Clan Wars while you're building your stable of tanks, then leave us when we're used up like that bastard Marine. :)



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Sounds like you'd fit right in at aurum. We have a bunch of players around and above your skill level.

Check us out on Teamspeak at redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com

Ask for aurum dc or recruiter, let em know I sent ya. :)

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Come check out KIMBO/ BIMBO, you look like you'd be a good fit. BIMBO is the CW division while KIMBO is strictly platooning, so you can decide what you want to do. We all share the same ts though, so it doesn't matter too much/ pretty much comes down to if you want to do CW.  :thumbup:


Prior recruitment thread: 


Come hop onto our ts and platoon with some of our guys! limbo.teamspeak3.com

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