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Japanese Gift Tank - Te Ke, not tracked by WN8?

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Hey -


Hopefully this is the right place to put this. And hopefully I describe the problem properly.


I finally played a game in the recent gift tank, the Te Ke, and did something like 330 damage. My WN8 for the game was 145. That didn't seem right as I had a pretty good game for a tier 2 tank. So I checked the expected damage, and according to the VB Addict Uploader the expected damage for this tank is 0, which doesn't seem right either.


So is this a problem with WN8 or with VB Addict? I'm not worried about 1 game wrecking my stats or anything but I figured someone ought to know. If it's a problem with VB Addict then I'll go tell them.










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It came out after the last time the table was updated, there's no data for it yet. Usually when a new tank is introduced, placeholder values are duped from something comparable. In this case, as it's a tier II premium and won't be played to any significant degree, it looks like nobody bothered.

Play it all you like, values will be calculated for the next WN8 update.

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Cool - thanks! I just didn't know how it was done or if there was a glitch of some kind. I really like the WN7/WN8 etc project but don't have the technical knowledge to do anything useful, other than report possible errrors / bugs.


PS - I was gonna play it as much as I liked anyways...  8)

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It seems pretty crummy, the premium tank buffs might make it worth bothering with but... when I first saw its stats I thought it would make a good sheltered tier 2. Turns out no sheltered. So, uh, just really bad then.

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