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Denouncing 4KAD/Worst WarDec NA


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  1. 1. How do you percive 4KAD?

    • I have never heard of them
    • I have heard of them, they can be trusted
    • I have heard of them, they cannot be trusted
    • They have a track record of pulling this ****
  2. 2. Should I have been expecting this?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. Bacon or Hodor?

    • Bacon
    • Hodor

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I feel trepidation at posting this, but I am aware that this forum isn't as harsh as CR/D. Yes, I am from a small clan and yes, nobody cares.... but that said this is a better place to post this than CR/D


The clan known as 4KAD cannot be trusted.


Since they are our neighbors on the Twilight of the Gods map, I attempted to negotiate a 24 hour nonaggression pact with them. We had recently lost a LZ (and thus our HQ, just learning to use it lol) to a more powerful clan (who will remain anonymous ) and were one province away from being mapped. We were understandably nervous despite having a nonaggression pact with the more powerful clan: we only had 15 chips to defend and could be double-attacked by 4KAD.


Their clan CO begged off making a decision under the guise that he had to talk to his Dep. Comms about it.


Unbeknownst to me, he used that time to talk to the more powerful clan and convinced them that we called them assholes and slandered their name, and that we had a nonaggression pact (they hadn't given me a decision) with 4KAD (which would be breaking our pact with the more powerful clan).


The more powerful clan, incensed, (and rightfully so, if the alleged accusations were true) immediately chipped us. We were doomed and their officers would hardly talk to us.


Screenshots saved the day.


I have a special folder on my computer called the CYA folder. I had just happened to take screenshots of my conversation with 4KAD's CO and emailed them to an officer of the more powerful clan. They agreed not to send a team to back up their chips.


TL;DR: 4KAD is not to be trusted.


4KAD: Consider yourself War Decc'd on the Twilight of the Gods map. We might be smaller, but we beat you once and will do so until your insults to our clan's image have been repaid tenfold.


Can anyone post a good gif? Its not a WarDec without a good gif but for some reason I cannot put any in this OP. Thanks in advance.

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Your mistake was posting it here. There is no point. The clan you say is not to be trusted is completely irrelevant. Pupeh would annihilate them. Nobody here would do diplomacy with them. They are only on the map due to the campaign.

This would be like telling NFL teams that a middle school coach is a meanie and they should look out for him.

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But maybe another middle school team will happen along and see this. While I respect your point and understand that we are irrelevant (and as such I will not post here in the future), if one clan can learn from our mistake I consider this post a success.

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Can we please keep official forum bullshit (I.E. clan drama) off of wotlabs? I'm really not taking either side here, but all that turns into is circle jerking for the top ~10 and is essentially the total opposite of the type on environment we want to have here. I mean, it's pretty obvious OP came to escape from said toxic CR/D environment, the least we could do is just ignore it if no one cares.

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