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WOT tech support - random ping spikes and disconnects

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Hi all,


MODS - I wasn't sure where to post this so please move if required.


Basically I've been having problems since 8.9.2 update came out. My ping used to be a steady 60 - 80ms but since this update it's been about 130 - 140ms. That, I can handle. However I have also been getting big ping spikes that lead to my tank being uncontrollable for a short time, like 5 - 20 seconds. The tank either stays in the same place or carries on moving in the direction I was travelling in when the spike happened.


When the problem occurs the sounds work, ie my tank will rev when I press forward or backward and if I fire the gun goes off but the shell doesn't leave my tank, the reload timer doesn't move and the gun is still loaded.


This has lead to about 3 drownings and 4 early deaths so far and seems to be getting worse. This morning I couldn't get through a single battle with it happening and the client also crashed to desktop a few times.


I have 60mb internet from Virgin Media (I live in the south of England) and my connection is solid when I test with speedtest.net. This morning had about 20 ping, 62mb down and 2.5mb up.


I am going to try a full deletion and re-install later.


Any other suggestions? The game is unplayable for me at the moment.


Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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I've been getting a lot of this crappy connection lately, to the point of losing connection mid match last night and being unable to log back in. Everything else internet related on my machine works fine, but WoT is a finicky mess.

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If your home networking gear is in order then the problem you describe is usually on the ISP's end. Note, it might be at any point from your house to your isp to the pipeline to where the wot server is to the isp of those servers to the servers themselves. I'm probably butchering terms here, but oh well.

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Thanks Antikondor.


Used that link to track down the cause, was getting ultra high ping times to anyway on the net. Factory reset of my router fixed it.

Lesson learned - you can't rely solely on speedtest.net results for troubleshooting.

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