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MarcParis TV (1080p video with comments in FR-EN)

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Hello all,


I'm totally new on this forum and I would like to share with my small YouTube Channel, 95% dedicated to post WoT gameplay. I've started this channel in mid 2013, so I've quite a lot videos to share.. ;)

You can find interesting (I hope) replays of quite numerous tanks tiers 7+ (E75, E50, AMX 50-100, T69, AMX 50B, Type 62, T-34-3, SPGs and others).



I would like to point that, by far, I'm not an "uber", "exceptional" player with monstruous stats.. :D (especially winrate currently.. :)). That's the first time I share my youtube channel on a wot forum.


Here is the link to my channel : MarcParis TV  (you can find also the link in my signature).


Anyway I hope you will enjoy visiting my humble channel.



PS : All you remarks (positive or negative) will be welcomed of course.. ;)

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I've four replays ongoing (1 on T69, 2 on AMX 50-120 and 1 on AMX 50-100 (my second ace tanker medal with that tank..:)).

However I'm currently rushing xp to unlock WZ-120 and 121...once done I'll upload replays and post link here...;);)

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I've just uploaded 2 of 121 gameplays on my Youtube Channel : 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQUaJfAYqCI (5k damage)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjC-IAc2uHA (tank WTF E100..;))


I truly appreciate this awesome tank..and I hope you will appreciate these 2 gameplay (I hope first ones of several succesful gameplays)

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At last i've managed to improve my gameplay..however...luck is missing on matchmaking...anyway, here is a nice gameplay aboard 121 where I managed to properly position myself.


I hope you will enjoy it..;)

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