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Altering camo RGB values.

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I've had limited success in modding the cusomizations.xml file that controls the RGB values of the camo overlays. I've even managed to resurrect the old giraffe honeycomb camo that Wargaming did away with some time ago. Don't tell me this thing isn't awesome.




Unfortunately I've an issue. It seems that altering the RGB values in the XML file to include any more digits than it had to start with will result in the game crashing before it even gets to the login screen. See example below when I load the file up in Notepad++.




For instance, any value that shows 72 cannot go higher than 99 or the game crashes. Does anyone know of any kind of workaround and/or thing I missed that I can use to really go wild with the colors? I was going to kit out my Soviet tanks with Com Guard colors in the desert, but when several of the RGB sectors only have one digit I'm kind of limited in my options. 9/255 does not a significant impact make.


I've tried posting on the official forums but all I got was somebody who didn't actually read what I'd wrote. Big surprise.

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I remember that the notation is R-G-B-Alpha.
I think you need to divide the value by 255 and then move the decimal point 2 places.
I would guess that 255/255 = 1.00 and thus be marked as 0. (I think)
while 72/255 = 0.28 and thus be marked as 28
254/255 = 0.99 => 99
and so on.
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