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Cube Has Landed: The Allspark!

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Hello there, patrons of the Wotlabs forum! I am not quite new to WoT but I have only just discovered this thriving online community! While I made this account a few months ago, I have not been very active until recently, when I began browsing the different sections of this forum. I posted replies on a few threads to either ask a question or put in my own two cents on a subject, and I quickly began checking for replies or further postings on those threads. So now with peaked curiosity and an eagerness to share what I have learned through my time playing, I saw this topic section and decided I ought to introduce myself.


I am Cube: Enthusiastic WoT player, aspiring unicum (I stress aspiring...), ready to both learn and contribute as much as I can to this forum [:


I started playing consistently again after a long break from WoT ending 4-5 months ago, and have delved into the more involved aspects of the game beyond just the pub grind (cw, team battles, skirmishes, etc.) Since I decided to be a more serious player, I figure the next step would be to become a serious member of this forum I lurked around in for a while. I look forward to meeting other players, learning to improving my game, and helping others along the way!!


See you on the flip side, fellow tankers!

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This place is one of the best places to learn about tanks on the internet. Here you have access to a plethora of vast unicum knowledge. The best part is, it's 99.5% free of the shitlord infestation that has befallen the official forum.


Welcome, and good luck improving. Me and you are in the same boat :D

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Welcome! Prolonged exposure to this forum exponentially increases arty hatred, because arty is the blight of the world that needs to be [edited] [edited] in the [edited] whilst getting [edited] in the mouth whilst getting [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] all the way to Cuba!

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