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I'm a writer, musician, and gamer who dabbles in linguistics. With a good degree of patience, determination, and a bit of luck, I hope to make a career out of film direction and screenwriting following my graduating from college. 

Until then, there's vidyagames. Gaming arguably started for me with my dad teaching me how to play chess, which have forever kept my standards high when it comes to balance and competitive viability. That passion carried over. I'm the president of the chess club at my high school. How's that for nerd street cred? 

Unfortunately, my skills in chess didn't particularly translate well to the first of my many battles playing World of Tanks, but with a better idea of what my natural playstyle is like and how to play the game, I'm ready to put in the effort of getting them numbers higher. Take a moment to look at my numbers to the left, and when you're done vomiting, proceed reading this post. 
This seems like a mature environment, which is something sorely lacking in many online communities. I'm looking forward to a good time spent here on WoTLabs. Here's a gif of that computer kid giving a thumbs up. 



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Welcome to the forums, actually it's a good introduction. 


I myself am a musician too, what you play?

Jazz mostly. I play alto sax, but my strength lies in vocals. 

I plunk around on the guitar when I get the opportunity too. 

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