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The most good looking tank in WoT

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Haven't seen this mentioned. T67 (ie old T49) is one of the best looking tanks out there IMO.

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are you cereal? that thing was disgusting. looked completely out of place, and retarded. like putting a flagpole on top of your tank. terrible. looks WAY better now, with the model rework, and that stupid mg folded down.


LOL I'm super cereal man. I loved that thing. Bring back my mg, man. Only thing missing was a russian Rambo shooting cancer shells out of the sky with it. 

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I tend to pick which tanks to grind towards based on how pretty they look.


Top 5:


5. IS-8, I don't know it just looks cool. The gun is all futuristic looking too.

4. AMX-13, the only rear-turret tank that looks nice while pulling off the look.

3. The "Panther Aesthetic", Panther, Tiger II, E50/E75, etc. The boxy shape with the angled front and reverse-angled rear with large exhaust pipes looks great.

2. Centurion 7/1, the HD model looks amazing, and for some reason turret baskets make a tank look better. Bonus points to the Conqueror I guess.

1. Leopard 1, not only does it look great but it drives so well. I only wish I was better with it. WG HD pls

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I can't put them in order of preference.


Centurion 7/1








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I pick you -


1. leo 

2. T-54

3. Bat Chat

4. STB 1


Last but not least on my list -----


5. E100 sexy box!

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Centurion 7/1.


Oh and the Fury is one of the best HD models they have done. 

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AMX 40 - Hands down the smoooovest tank in town.


TOG - If you like vintage Wagons, or a rodded up Roadmaster, the TOG is your tank.

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1) Renault UE57 - So tiny and cute that you want to hug it, but you can't or it will take massive damage

2) IS-3 with the stock turret. Sexy lines with the added benefit that it looks like someone melted a Hershey's Kiss™ on top of the body of a tank. The thumbprint cookie of the tank world.

3) Hetzer (close runner-up E 25) for that insect-like appeal. Unique and scary looking. Is that an aardvark or an untimely and fiery death I see cresting yonder hill?

4) GW Panther - it looks like an evil villain's hood. That or a botched circumcision.
5) M3Lee - Not so much a tank as wedding cake. Turrets everywhere. Turrets on top of turrets on top of turrets. Designed by a contentious and unproductive committee, yet still hilariously beautiful.

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