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Grinding CW tanks, what to go for next?

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E100 is going to be the next top of the tree. I never had the luck to be able to profif from this event, now might be my chance. I have already unlocked the KT, but am pretty damn broken, not even 1mio.

My dilemma is, I'm working to get more stronk CW tankus and currently I'm on the way to 50B, 40k xp to go for the 50 120.

Is it realistic to get the E100 before the event ends? KT for example appears quite XP intensive and my gold reserves are limited (5k) and I usually retrain crews with gold, so there is not super much room for converting.

Or would you head on for 50B and ignore the event?

Which one of those two tanks would you assume to be more valuable for CWs?

Best regards.

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These are two of my favorite tanks!


2 years ago I went for the E100 first then the 50B and I think that is still the best choice even for you.  The 50B is a support tank while the E-100 is a front line fighter.  Go for the E-100.


You will most likely not be able to get the E-100 by the end of the event.  The Tigger II grind is a good one as the tank is a solid one.  the E-75 is good as well.  

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Tiger 2 is frustrating, given that the overmatch everywhere is for real. But, the gun is awesome and when you're top tier, you can get things done. 


E75, if you can get over the sluggish DPM, is amazing


E100... lel. LOVE it!



50-120 is either the most frustrating or the most rewarding tank to play, you're never going to just enjoy it.

50-100 is a keeper, 50-120 is a seller. 50B is apparently a gem (on 50-120 myself)


Personally the E100 line is much easier of a grind, given that from the KT upwards, very similar style which progresses. The playstyles seem to change a bit from the 50-100 through the 50-120

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One month should be ample time to grind the E100 (couple hours a day). In terms of CW viability I would say E100 sees more use than the 50b but that should change in 9.3 after the t57 nerfs (still extremely strong). I would personally go for the 50B as I find it has a higher skill ceiling. However you should just go with whichever you see yourself enjoying/playing more as CW's only make up a fraction of ones battles.

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E100 is a must-have. tigII kind of sucks now from what I hear, but it's doable. E75 is t9 easymode. 


50b is a great tank, cheaper to run, lots of fun, but the ehundo is your only true 'meatshield' heavy these days. 

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The Tiger II was amazing and yes it has lost its brawling abilities some what, but its got a laser for a gun.  

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Thx for your answers guys, I just purchased the AMX 50 120 and although it seems to receive a lot of hate, I really dont feel like it's so bad. When the event will start I will take this opportunity to grind for E100, let's see how far I will get :)



Where can you look to see the details of upcoming events? 


I read it on http://ftr.wot-news.com/ Just google "top of the tree october 2014"

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