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Pip's Unicum challenge SmyleeRage's Progression

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Hello, I have decided to play the AMX-50B for this challenge 


1.Having high ping will be the first problem in this challenge adapting to the conditions will be crucial! I will be using the server reticle(mod version) I have never used this before but if I want to hit my shots I will have to get used to it.


2.Getting used to pubs!! This is a very big issue they will not play and react the same as NA pubs knowing this right off the bat it might take me sometime to play as aggressive as I would like to in order to secure the wins I must adapt if I don't I will surely fail.


3. SOLO?!?! I Have solo'd before but not this much not to the point where I cant cry out for help and have other unicums assist me..... This is why I'm doing the challenge in the first place to prove I can solo!! Well Wish me luck?! #Win%Matters#TryHardWith180ms#NoFucksGiven#UniscumPride


But, what kind of person would I be if I let these things get in my way of being a "BADASS"


AMX50B Crew and Stats Before:






Lets hope I will improve the stats and not ruin them  8) 

Statistics and Replays will be posted below and updated each day I Play!

I Recommend using Wot Replay Analyser Makes it easier to sort thru the Bad/Good Games!


Session Statistics: TB: 56 WR: 75%





First Day

Second Day

Third Day

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Gotta watch it for them CGCs though, its on track :/


If WG won't remove cancer, and is even buffing it please at least stop putting it on track.


It's like WG is actively trying to kill their own game... CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME.rjxP92V.jpg

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Dun go rek me stats breh! #NeverBeenThisRelaxed  #Can'tGetWorse  #YOLO  #XVMcamoMasterRace


I'm really looking forward to the replays, as I haven't really played the 50B much, I have lots to learn about the tank. 


Good luck! :D

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Updated OP


The First Day!!!

  • I have played on the EU before but never in tier 10s or an autoloader for that matter picking the AMX50B I thought I could win a lot and deal really great damage while being able to retreat if need be.
  •  My postions for this first day were for the most part where I go on the NA server obviously I changed some because of the situations or my teams spread I feel I will have to change my playstyle drastically to hold a good win rate
  • Having the server reticle mod saved my life in more ways than one at first i tried to take shots with the regular reticle but they would miss I noticed early on i rely heavily on snapshots which is something that is extremely hard to change that being said I missed and critted a lot of shots i shouldnt of today not because of RNG but because of my own inability to wait a little longer
  • The pubs seem willing to help me for the most part it might have to do with nurkus account have fairly good stats or maybe the clan for that I'm uncertain but, The brain dead pubs on EU are outstandingly useless and for that I am sorry for you all that have to play on this server forever
  • The ping isn't bad but as you watch the replays you will see sometimes i have packet loss which is something that can make the best player turn into garbage fast for the most part it wasn't game changing but their were sometimes that got me really pissed

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I didnt expect to do this good on the first day tbh the Wn8 my "reaction time" in almost all the games were bad for my standards.... But, since it's all about win rate in that aspect I did exceptional I didn't really carry but, I didnt do absolutely bad either hopefully I will bring you guys some better replays as this solo challenge continues wish me luck  :P

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Eyh, Epic, I had a 4,1k wn8/81% wr session today, so pls! :tongue::beard:


I've watched all the replays, Smylee, and just ... HORY SHIET.








Imma take care of these replays so I can re-watch them later and make more mental notes. Man, you're ten times better than me, despite the ping/lag issue, I could cry, haha! Got a new spot to try on Mines, I've literally never been there, looked like a nice place for flanking shots. Thanks a lot for your effort so far! :biglaugh:

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The Second Day: SmyleeRage Said "The Baddies shall not stop thee for I am strong willed and filled with RAGE" and so on that day he ended with a 69.5% win rate.


Maps I hate on the EU Server so far Pearl River, Serene Coast


Getting the hang of the ping didn't miss as much as the first session at least I think so, I did however have to take a 10 min break to cool down from all the RAGE....... I also Tk'd someone on purpose Sorry "nurkus" The RAGE was strong with me today.


WHY? On the NA server this doesn't happen as much to me but jesus fucking christ there's always some bad blocking me from backing up its so fucking annoying I just wanna tk everytime they do that shit!!


I'm getting used to the EU server slowly but surely  :thumbup: Hopefully...... Well anyways enjoy  8)

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They should be relatively used to me clipping/shooting them at this point, so I don't mind, as long as you don't go full retard in chat and is really abusive towards someone or get me banned.

I'm gonna go watch all the replays soon! :D


EDIT: Saw the replays, nice work! :doubleguns2: And I didn't see any rage or stuff I wouldn't do myself in the same situation. :beard:

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My third day was outstanding I didn't think that my recent gameplay that I have been managing on the NA server would carry over because the gameplay is so different but It did I reacted to things I normally would and didn't overthink things and It worked out.
At first I thought that playing as aggressively as I did would backfire but instead it worked out most of the matches I keep my hp well and trade great the game on abbey I lost my hp doing a stupid mid poke which you should never do in the 50b forgot :tongue:  but we still won and I still carried a little so :thumbup:
I Haven't played my 50B in a while and fell in love again after playing nurkus's 50B it's such a great tank I don't know how anyone could hate such a beautiful tank.
So all in all it was a great session wanted to do 15 battles but nurkus has clan wars I forgot the time difference so i guess i was playing during primetime RIP
12/13 Battles 92%
Wn8 4535
Day 3 might not be over might play later on today
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