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T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

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This was quite nice on new equipment, and it seems like IAU works all the time, but is weaker than VStab and IRM in 90% of cases.


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After a delightful vacation from tanks I just had to come back and play my baby. Sadly some old habits came back like my propensity for autoaim but damn is the T49 still fun. Also seems I've broken spoilers.




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I was hoping for the notch turret snipe, but the platoon double tap was worth it too.

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Last night I finally got 2 other people running T49s and man oh man is it absolutely ridiculous. Took the hill on Tundra and proceeded to derp anything spotted. Of course one of our clickers decided that we weren't scouting properly and spent the entire game telling us we were trash.





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Wow I really shit the bed on the whole daily gif thing. Oh well.

How to win a flank in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Driveby https://www.gifyourgame.com/DotalMeaslyBessiebass

Step 2: Abuse idiots https://www.gifyourgame.com/DermoidNaifDoctoreggman

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Congrats on the 3-mark minivinny! Making a sexy tank even sexier with that third star...

All the activity in this thread has made me think of how long it's been since I last played the T49... It's been too long.

I had the same experience of a clicker complaining when I was playing in a triple T49 platoon. Starts off the game by saying we've already lost because of us. We quickly prove him wrong by killing 2 and crippling 1 in the first 3 minutes of the game. But that doesn't stop him. He then complains constantly about us not spotting (even though we walked away at the end of the game with something like 4k spotting between the three of us), and even took a shot near me to stun me once (although I will admit that was after me needling him in chat about how wrong he was). So, when the game was won, I went back and teamkilled him (this was back when team damage was still a thing). The salt was hilarious, and totally worth it.

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@churchill50 Thanks man! Arty rage is a beautiful thing.

@SchnitzelTruck I'm running bond vents/vstab and bounty IRM so that might explain things.

Daily gif:https://www.gifyourgame.com/RecurvedVenousCosmicmario

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Yep, arty rage definitely is a beautiful thing. I just miss the days when you could tk arty... It was a great way to let off some steam every once in a while.


They also buffed the gun performance when they moved the T49 to tier 9. The dispersion values on movement and hull traverse are both god-tier (0.07/0.07 fully equipped). It's only the turret traverse dispersion that's horrible (0.24 even fully equipped), but you can work around that by locking your turret, pre-aiming corners before poking them, etc.

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Yeah I find ill land most of my shots provided I plan out my approach to minimize gun bloom.Prime example I had spotted the T49 earlier and saw he didn't move much on the minimap so I assumed he would still be sitting there waiting for me to peek again.


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It had been a while since I had played the T49, so I took it back out for a spin, and this happened:


(Apparently that didn't embed. If anyone can tell me how to embed a Youtube video, I'd appreciate it).

That battle was also played without equipment. I've been using Bounty Equipment on the T49 lately, but moved it to something else and forgot to move it back.

Lately I've been switching back and forth between Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and Optics (for that sweet view range) and Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and IRM (for the gun handling). Still trying to decide which loadout I like more for solo play. In a platoon with other T49's, I definitely prefer the second setup, since one of the other T49's usually has a vision setup.

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Not T49 specifically, but skills' recent sheri derp vid is rather glorious for those craving some HE pen action.

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    • kolni

      Been struggling with tier 10 since coming back - jesus christ this is awful. If you don't play something OP you feel like a tier 9 in a tier 10 game. 
      Got an account with a 0 game FV215b that I marked (69 games, just barely 4k dpg lmao) - wound up running the equipment piece that prevents fires and the same directive after the same amount of fires as amount of games in a 10 game session (got lit 3 times in one game...) but after that I never got set on fire again. Totally worth putting those up and giving up vents so you can actually use the HP without a fuel tank fire. Been noticing that a lot of casemate TDs are running new equipment as well (7.5s was pretty much enough RLD to permatrack anything until it dies and it is not anymore. It's closer to 6, so I'm assuming it's the equipment since it also varies heavily.)
      907 yoloing with optics+directive is sort of working, I'm keeping 85 but getting good enough of a session without a derp to fall back down after climbing up is so rare with how common the absolutely worst maps are. I have played 8 times the amount of Erlenberg as I have Prokh (assault and encounter enabled), I also get a lot of Kharkov and Abbey that keep showing up too and these maps are just too poorly designed to get a good enough gameplan to fulfill the damage requirements. There's just no play that works well enough. 
      I tried tier 8 as well, and it's like a different game played on the same board. You get away with so much stupid shit because of gaps in view range and the overall skill level. It makes me feel like my mechanics are super clean as I can poke in to tanks pre aimed at me and fire, pull into safety/unpennable angle before they fire - but at tier 10 that is just wishful thinking. 
      Long way to go, I hate being this derpy in game quality which is what I'm going to work on but tier 10 is so ass..
      · 0 replies
    • GehakteMolen

      So, how many trees you cut down (WG send me some thing i could see funny stats)
      In total i fell 56811 trees and shot 21966 tracks and drowned 23 times
      (also mines my best map (i think?) which seems kinda right, in general i get good games there, hehe)
      · 0 replies
    • DrWeb7_1

      Starting with update 1.12.1, it's impossible to log in without Bullshit Center running in background. No reason to keep the game on the hard drive for me. Meh...

      · 1 reply
    • DoggieKruger

      Still nerd raging on why the American and Japanese MT lines don't make more sense especially when I personally think Tier 9s should be mini-Tier 10's in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.
      Japanese MT line should from Tier 8 onwards be kinda sluggish, but good DPM hull-down snipers. Type 61 has absolutely horrible camo when it's only taller than the T-55 by 9centimetres irl and meant to be a small tank for small Japanese tankers. Would be better if ST-B1 was Tier 9 and an updated ST-B3 or Type 74 was in Tier 10.
      M46 starts out as an enhanced Pershing (as it really was) and becomes some Franken-M47 with unhistorical 105mm, and has 5 crew members. Why not insert the M48 as a Tier 9 and have the A5 variant or M60 as the Tier 10 instead?
      · 4 replies
    • DoggieKruger

      Spent 1.2million credits in Ranked Battles only to end up the same rank.
      Welp that's hours of my life I'm not getting back
      · 13 replies
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