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T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

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@PlanetaryGenocide the Battle Pass gives out bounty Improved Aiming Unit, which is devastatingly effective on the T49 and Sheridan. Crab and I have been using it to great effect.

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0.48 and 0.42 accuracy at final aim. And apparently it's in effect at all times - so another 8% less dispersion effect. The pens are real. And since it's not purple you can shuffle things around!

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I'll have to keep that in mind - working my way through the battle pass atm

Definitely having fun with the ninja setup - 507 view range and a 20% camo break bonus does quite a bit for counter-spotting enemy light tanks, and you can erase anyone that gets too close as long as RNG is mostly in your favor

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Oh, also, gifs - I platooned a bit with Crab earlier this morning for tier 6's, but after that I decided to take the T49 out for a spin just for fun

PTA's having a bad monday:


So's this Standard B:


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I think this is my first ace in the tank since I started playing again, and of course it was a draw...

On the other hand, LT-15.4.  In the derp T49.  Completely with assist damage, of course, but 4 frags isn't bad even if I deliberately didn't do sick pens so that we could potentially win, which we didn't.

I think my primary mistake was not cleaning up the arty the first chance I got - I knew the Lorr was in our base killing our arty and the JT wasn't going to peek with 211 hp left, so I should've known it was the arty spotting me instead of seeing it in the replay afterwards.  Then skoda and I could've hunted down the JT and then the Lorr at the end maybe...

Anyways, have this moment of pro hide-and-seek gameplay with my 38 camo 


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While obviously the HE changes have neutered the tactical flexibility and bush wanking chode slapping of yore - tank is still fun. Lean in with Full Stealth and gun of choice OR build for full gun and intuition and yolo for pens. I'm using bond vstab, bond vents, bounty IAU, snap shot directives and 6 HEAT. 3.9s to switch shells. 33% camo, 480 VR and 0.45 accuracy. It's like a crappy TD that goes fast!

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I wouldn't say it's been completely neutered, but it certainly makes it harder to swing a stalled flank in your favor if all you've got is frontal shots.  

I've really been enjoying the Full Stealth + 152 build for negating that though, makes it much easier to get unconventional flanks on people and aim down completely. As noted by my status, I got the bLNES this morning so I'm now this asshole:

Intuition is great and I've actually found decent utility in Sound Detection - my main problem with it is that if you're outside the blast zone when the shot is fired, it won't go off if you cross into said blast zone.  

The view range is below 520 because I swapped out Sit Awareness + 90% Recon for Sound Detection + 90% sit Awareness, but I've finally finished that off and am working on Recon again so that should be north of 520 again very soon.  

Honestly my favorite thing to do with this build is counter-scouting - you absolutely wreck any non-russian light tanks with the gun since the camo gives you time to settle the aim, and for the Russians you just camo break them while staying hidden and let your team take care of it.  Not many people seem to understand the CVS in vision slot meme yet, so it's worked pretty goddamn well.

https://gfycat.com/messyrashblackfootedferret Also, have a blind shot gif - this was the game that got me the bLNES

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I did more testing today. It's still good but different. 

What's gone:

Your ability to face brawl in cities is lots weaker. I used to win many games on Berlin, Lakeville etc by just going town and shooting heavies in their roadwheels and side scrapes for 200-300 and making their lives suck. This was especially good in 3-4 LT games.

Sitting in a bush, at distances, and kiting heavies by slapping them 200-400 at a time. It's a tactic of last resort now - probably by design or as a side effect of the intent of making this threat much weaker when done by E3s etc.

Reliably picking up killshots. I've lost at least 2 of my last 50 T49 games because i couldn't pick up what used to be reliable kills. 230 hp Strv103B side....hit no damage. 150 hp LiS? Hit a track no damage. 13 90? Screen not penetrated on the gun. Ugh. This really hurts the tank.

What's new:

Pen everything. Softs are now truly your prey - nary a 200 splash on the Borsig or Skorp. T-54LW was a nemesis but now you catch his side and he's down 910. Anything with 60mm or less is yummy.

Use HEAT. I carried 2 before now 5-7 is the number. 3.9s reload with intuition!! Plus mathematically (although not poetically) 50% chance to pen for 700 is better than splashing for 150. German sides, Russian and Chinese butts, and the occasional Italian.

Snipe! 0.45 is better than any arty piece! You're not gonna get pixels but it's enough to get soft plates at mid ranges.

Whats the same:

Ambush is your opener. The enemy LT can't outscout you when he's a 1 shot. Or when he's destroyed due to pen + fire. You're a counter scout with real firepower now.

Pick on softs - it works better now! No more 250 dmg splashing on Borsigs and Skorps and Waffle4s.

Burst for breakthrough - you need to be a little more calculating with the risks but the ability to blow up a flank is far improved with the gun improvements. "GO FAST GET DA BOOTY" has always been the motto - but it works better now. More risks, higher rewards.

It's worse - but somehow more fun. Caveat - I've not tried @PlanetaryGenocide style with the full stealth. I will though - on a different account - because I'm having too much fun with my teleporting TD.


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And I, in turn, am currently grinding up the T49 on a (free-to-play, currently) recruit account so I can play the non-sneak style.  Might be a bit before I can fully equip it, unfortunately, and it'll take some getting used to the lower VR and camo I'd imagine.   I'll probably just buy xmas lootboxes when the time comes for that account since that's probably about when I'd finish the trashdog grind, and I'm grinding up free xp on the T-50-2 to convert so I can skip the heretic gun

The main thing I need to get used to again with the full stealth style is when it's safe to take shots.  I've been practicing abusing double-bushes on moving targets in the T-50-2 and LTTB to surgically remove one-shots or slam HE into scouts, but occasionally I'll be surprised by just what I can get away with when I have proper game sense and know who does and doesn't have line of sight to me.

I will say though, Designated Target + DT directive?  Far more entertaining than it really ought to be - the number of people who re-poke exactly at 10 seconds after sixth pops is far larger than you'd think, and 14 seconds is just enough time to get them in vision again - with CVS their camo is nuked because bush break PLUS they're moving, so they're essentially perma-spotted and have no idea until they get erased from the game.

In other news, I've started waiting 3/4ths of my reload in the T49 instead of half before poking again.

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Turns out the "b" in bLNES doesn't stand for bounty, it stands for BLESSED AS FUCK.

Even if Prokhorovka North spawn is easy mode.

If I'm being honest tbh bLNES vs regular would have made zero difference in this match lmao


Also, it really helps when your 1 line team actually pushes - I'll be honest, I could've cracked 10k if I had realized, because I got almost none of the spotting on that T95

Anyways yeah that's probably my best scouting game I've ever had.

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Well I came back to see how the T49 plays after the changes and I was instantly reminded of The Godfather when a fully aimed shot took a hard right straight into the mantlet of a Pantera and did 153 damage. I'm going to have to keep playing to see how I feel about all this but damn am I going to miss slapping heavies in the face for 200-300.

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Now that dual config exists I've tried out the @PlanetaryGenocide Full Stealth Derp build. It works. It's less pure fun than a full gun brawl...But losing on Prok and other vision maps isn't fun either. The gun handles...okish with the field configs and the buffs from last patch and a snap shot directive. It's not great but if are mostly spotting things then you're not tempted to take risky shots. Brawling off LTs is hard however - the D7 Muro middle spot for example. But with a little support fire I've been able to have real nice averages in sessions...and there's few maps where you can't use a config well.


I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT ammo options now. With the more accurate gun certain shots and yolos drive bys work better with HEAT. Splashing is worth less too - so the expected value is tipped in favor of the HEAT. Chance for 700 vs 150? When you can poke out and splatter a 60TP for 350 then fine - now it's load HEAT get past the gun and snap the booty for 700.

I took the VR reduction for the camo. 10m for flat 3% feels worth it. 35% camo in gun build is nice. Over 42% in stealth is great.

Also took the reload penalty for accuracy. Reload of 20.5 feels long when I've been used to 19.9 for a while. But 0.44 is fabulous. And 0.50 on stealth is still better than the highest achievable accuracy prior to equipment 2.0

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Glad to hear about your experiences with the field modifications stuff, because I only did one or two matches on test server for it - been playing Starbase instead of tanks recently.  

I haven't changed my ammo loadout but that's because I've always carried 6 HEAT anyways, I just use them more now.


E: actually, while we're here - @CraBeatOff, what field mods do you use?

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The two most relevant ones i listed above. I don't know the names. I choose the accuracy for reload penalty and the camo 3% for VR penalty. I also took the top speed increase for engine power penalty - 67 is nice. I passed on the other two and chose nothing.

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