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Tier Six Strongholds

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My personal preference:


T37 > Type 64 > Cromwell > KV85


The Hellcat is generally useless since the LTs can do everything better.  All the other four tanks are good for tier 6 stronks, so it's really just up to what you play best in and what your team needs.

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Type 64 for the credits. T37 for tryhards.

I think that a good try hard comp includes 3-4 good heavies on top of a stack of T37s.

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Also, the 59-16 can eat other tier 6s alive with its autoloader and goldspam. That's not really what you wanna be running in strongholds, but it is full-on tryhard mode for tier 6 limited contests like tournaments and clam wars.

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So far I have only played a handful of SH matches but having 3-5 T37's is pretty much a given for success . It has too many advantages and suits the game mode very well. The games we won were won by the highly mobile pack of tanks swarming and DPM'ing the shit out of a few tanks, the rest of my team rolled in and just sealed the deal. 


I tried out my Cromwell which is good but not as good my 37 and I tried my Hellcat. The Hellcat pre nerf would have been a good pick but now it's a turd for this type of game. 

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