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There doesn't seem to be atopic for this planned tank yet.
Basically this seems to be a German T-54 with DDR (=GDR in English) markings (NVA means Nationale Volksarmee = national people's army). According to the wiki the only big difference to the T-54 seem to be an increase shell count in the tank and a NBC protection system. 
Take a look at funny NVA helmets:
For SS view on the name look here.


So this will probably be fun for the German forum mods on the house forum: A whole lot of Germans will want this tank. (I know that I do) and there will be a lot of clamor if this becomes only available as a reward tank for a campaign/event. (However that wouldn't be too different from regular reward tanks, no?).

However this also really raises the question which nation will receive the next T-54 variant. My bets are on the US (or possibly the UK).

As a side note: Since this is only planned right now: What should one do to prepare for the release of this? What o you think will be required to get this? Which tanks do I need?

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Just posted on FTR: 
- 9.5 will bring new Individual Missions (missions of various difficulties with tanks as rewards)
- the IM tanks include T28 Concept, T-55A and Object 260
So you probably don't need to do CW to get those beasts. However I currently really dread just how hard these missions are going to be...
The missions for the T8 prems tehy offered were already close to undoable for a lot of people due to work/school/Uni. However if they do these missions without a set time limit it might be rather doable.


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