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Failed Assassination - Brutal Punishment

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Warning: Physical Violence - would be assassin gets a beatdown.






That one guy defending him... strong morals.


Obvious youtube comments protesting how these 'animals' ganged up on him.

I don't think it's a bad animal instinct - wanting to instantly erase the existence of someone attempting such a despicable action.

Not sure I would have held back.


Completely missed this gem back in January.



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I read that there was belief this was a "rigged assassination attempt" in order to raise support for this politician (because, as you know, whenever some derp wants to kill someone important, we gotta love and support the shit out of him cuz he's important). 


But who knows. 


Also I find it amusing that the label on the pedestal, when latinized, is translated to "DPS". 



EDIT: Interesting article: Real attack, but fake gun.  Gun was gas-powered, with pepper spray armament, wouldn't have killed the politician. But the attack was real. 

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Reminds me of another 'staged' assassination: 


Yitshak Rabin was killed in Tel-Aviv right after a support rally. I actually frequented that square a lot for fairs and presentations, so it was quite surreal to watch the events unfold on TV. 

The killer was from an extremist cell that was incited to violence by corrupt security agents, to support their politicians (his handler's alias 'champagne' was uncovered, though he claimed negligence). That cell used to show up to rallies as provocateurs, with photos of politicians in Nazi uniform, despite the protests of moderates.

The killer reached him after a rally as he was passing the crowd going to his car. During the shooting someone shouted 'blanks! blanks!' so there was a theory that the assassin was supposed to fire blanks, but he replaced them with cross-cut hollow-points, turning the 'staged' into real. The cover up was quite blunt, and the backlash against Rabin's political enemies was extreme.

Rabin was not corrupt enough to plan something that sick, and his political views were shifting away from his base, mere months before he got killed. 


Something happened in plain sight of so many people, recorded on video, happened in a city and country where everyone knows everyone, and yet became a complete enigma.




It can get. really messed up once you start staging 'fake' assassinations. 

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how do you get that close to a dude you want to shoot and not actually kill him


I am just looking at the thumbnail in the youtube video thing

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