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WG EU's current Top of the Tree promotion is the British heavy line ending in the FV215b, so we're going to start by checking out the Black Prince, the tier 7 British heavy tank.


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Quick (and good!) replay of the Pz. B2 740 followed by a more serious point I feel needs raising about Wargaming's pricing of some of the premium packages and the perceived imbalance between the different regions. Your own thoughts would be appreciated! 


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3 new premium tanks that I've been testing recently, including the first Czech tank to be introduced into the game!


Czech Skoda T 40, tier 6 premium medium tank.



French M4A1 Revalorise, tier 8 premium medium tank



Soviet T-22 sr, tier 10 Rampage mode reward tank



The T-22 sr in particular is one hell of a tank!

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