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Best Garage Mod?

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I have finally decided to get a garage mod and have chosen this Garage mod from Plazmakeks. I love the look of it. 

If you have a Garage mod that you think is just as good or even better, feel free to post it here.

Download link:https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8fc5596ea491/hangar_miku_new.zip

To install just take the Space/Talliepo folders and drop them into 9.3


Courtesy of StephenHawking

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I honestly have no clue. Ask Stephen i literally spent a hour trying to figure why mine was red and i still don't know why.

Heuheuheuheu. :serb:  :serb:  :serb:  :serb:  :serb:  :serb:


It's true, he spent an hour on TS derping around in his settings trying to find a lighting option.


Maybe it's because you're special, Primey Wimey. <3

Someone said anime?

Yuno what they said, m8.


*Ba dum tiss*

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remove the line




from World_of_Tanks\paths.xml

Rexxie bae you solve all my problems



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This is a pretty good hangar manager for customizing your hangar without having to mix up any files:



You can also find some hangar on his homepage, but don't be alarmed of the German language, just use Google Translate.


If you use a custom hangar, just change this path to correspond with the custom hangar folder name in the spaces folder,

<customhangarpath> spaces/cute_rexxie_hangar </customhangarpath>

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