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Which maps to I suck at? vbaddict question

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Hello friends, 


I've been clicking through my vbaddict profile trying to figure this out, but maybe I'm just dumb. Can I find a list of my winrates / WN8 by map (and maybe spawn)? Can I find out what my weakest maps are, which spawns I'm probably doing something wrong on?


It feels like this is something that should obviously be in a site such as vbaddict, so the fact that I can't find it either menas


* I'm dumb

* It's info that can't be extracted ( :( )


Any help? 

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When you are logged in to vbaddict, select your name from the left column to expand the options, the fourth option down is 'Maps'.


Once there you can get a breakdown by map and spawn for various stats.  For example, I spawn on side 2 of Redshire 68% of the time.


I think you need to be using ADU to get this though, not just manually uploading your dossier.

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