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Hello everyone,


First off: new user here on the forum so again I'm a complete newbie ... :)


Also a little background: I'm not a big gamer.  I found this WoT through a colleague that told me about it.  We have fun playing together which is how I started off.  So I don't have any first person shooting experience at all, nothing, seriously! :)

Needless to say, the first 5k battles I really sucked.  I even didn't know about ratings and stuff.  I thought the extend of a rating was the "service record" tab in the game.  So I had my 7 year old son play with my account as well.


But the more I started playing, the more I started bouncing (I noticed), the more I started dying without doing anything, the more I started to wonder why ...  Started reading forums, how-to's, learned about scouting, spotting, angling, weak spots, ... and a world opened up to me :)


In those days, I played mostly hellcat and T49 (the T67 now) because I could actually do a little.  And some lights as well.  I'm proud to say I never went full "yolo" in the beginning of a battle and died in 30 seconds.  I already learned quickly that it doesn't help to see the tanks in the beginning while you can't shoot, but not anymore after the team is actually in position.  As a result, my light tanks (T50 & ELC mostly at the time were pretty good: 53 % WR).  Then finally I get to the T-50-2.  How much fun that tank will be, right?


I played it 10 times over a period of a few days, so not back to back.  I lost all 10 of them.  Not just losing, getting raped.  I decided then and there, "ok, I will play this tank until I win, then I will sell it and NEVER play it again".  It took me another 7 battles.  So my stats in the T-50-2 is 6 % WR (thank you WG, for that awesome "random" MM and RNG, sure thing)  I'm sorry, but even an afk or even team killer doesn't get that kind of *%&é@!!


Anyways, I like to think that since then I've been improving.  I'll never be an EJ, but probably good enough to learn a little respect :)


Still, I have major problems.  After 16k battles, some maps I still don't know.  Ensk for example is horrible, I always seem to get myself in the most ridicilous positions.


OK, enough background, now for my question: With the new lights being introduced, I wanne start the American line.  I have a 3 skill crew in it (grinded with the chaffee races) but need some help.

I can adjust my tactics during the battle as it unfolds, but the first location where I need to go in my light tanks when the counter hits 0 is still often a mystery to me on some maps.


On maps like Abbey, Ensk, Fishermans bay, Himmelsdorf, Karelia, Kharkov, Komarin, Murovanka, Northwest, Pearl river, Sacred valley, Tundra and Windstorm, where do I go first?  Where can I help the team out best in the beginning?


A kinda long first post, sorry about that.

Thx for any help and feedback

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So, you're looking for map tactics.


My first inclination is to ask what kind of style you favor to play your LTs. Is it an aggressive one, or do you more or less like to be the passive part?


As you will know for sure, your LT becomes more valuable the older the game grows. Contrary to this, early damage is worth more than late damage.

Thus, you want to pick an early spot where you can deal some initial damage (if at all), without taking damage in return. So you ultimately have to find / learn those spots by yourself, as not all will work for your own style.


I think it is Rexxie who has a collection of "go-To" spots of almost every map compiled somewhere on these forums, which can help you to learn where the enemy will likely be, so you gotta set up your FoV accordingly.


Apart from this, you could watch and learn e.g. from Jacg's stream on twitch. He's one of the best LT players on the NA servers and can provide you insight into map knowledge and LT handling.


It would take me now a bit too long to research my own favourite and exact positions on each map (as the minimaps are nowhere readily available round here...), so I may hand them in later.

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I realized that writing out my opinion for every map may not be the best idea. I'll just touch on a few...




Maps that are almost 100% close quarters combat like Himmelsdorf, you might want to hang back a bit and take opportunity shots on distracted enemies. Late game you flank. In these cases you're more or less just a weak medium as Himmselsdorf is too claustrophobic to actually perform any scouting. Most targets will be spotted anyway.




Abbey is a bit annoying for scouts since it is made of mostly corridor pathways. Abbey rush middle is risky, perform only if you feel confident you can reach there faster than any enemy tank. Remember that once you take the Abbey, you can fire on enemy tanks in the west taking the high road. I feel North is better suited for scouts due to more safe approaches.


South spawn:

  • If you choose to rush it and succeed,backwards down to the balcony area to the south. Sit there, hide and wait till backup arrives. By this time, either backup has halted the enemy or the enemy has broken into the Abbey. if the enemy is in the Abbey, you can call for a pincer manoeuvre using friendlies in the middle road. If outnumbered, retreat by jumping off the balcony to safety.
  • If you know that rushing is impossible and you'll get killed if you do, retreat and fall back to H3 area, try to get spots on enemies on the south balcony if they go there and perhaps get a few shots off. Can hit enemies near the Abbey entrance.
  • South spotting is difficult as there is no bush cover.

North spawn:

  • If confident to rush, there are two options. First one is aggressive and requires you to have confidence of a middle push. Rush up and go to the south balcony to hide. Similar to the south spawn, pincer movement when necessary. Warning: No easy escape route.
  • Second type is if you are semi-confident. Rush up and take position at the north area. Sit there and wait. If an enemy you cannot take on approaches, retreat by backing up down the balcony with the arches.
  • If not confident/cautious, take position at one of the side entrances. Depending on which scout you're using (Fat ones don't fit) you can enter the Abbey from the sides. The one to the west allows you for side shots on people who are rushing up the Abbey and not paying attention by firing through the slit between the Abbey and a house. The one in the east allows you to hit enemy tanks that are pre-occupied with any of your team heading down middle by heading through the arches.
  • North has the additional advantage of spotting from the south balcony. The bush allows you to spot enemy tanks still near the cap circle and most of the south.

Fisherman's Bay

Watch Zeven's video. That spot is excellent for initial spots for North spawn (Watch his scouting videos, good stuff).

For South spawn, the area at H3 allows you to spot careless enemy tanks cutting across the field to the west area.
For both sides, bushes along the middle are good spots.



Usually scouts will take positions along the eastern flank due to bush cover. I am not a fan of this because the field is usually devoid of enemy tanks except perhaps the occasional TD. I usually employ Himmelsdorf pseudo-medium tactics, using my mobility to exploit openings and perhaps even delay rush middle. Ensk is quite claustrophobic, most tanks will end up brawling so you're more useful as a weak medium anyway.



Karelia like Abbey, is dependent on judging enemy team composition. If there are multiple fast enemy tanks and you're the only fast tank, rushing hill might not be a good idea. If there is a lot of backup or the enemy team might not make it that quickly, then rush. Upon reaching the hill area, a good tactic is not to peek out so quickly, but instead, using the height difference, hide near the cliff edge. If the enemy manages to push the hill and your team is left on the sloped area, surprise pincer movement. Hanging near the cliff area also lets you get around the enemy and hit him from the other side when on the slope. Hanging there is also good in that it provides a good escape route if you get spotted and you can spot enemy tanks (hardly any) going middle. Late game, you can drop off the cliff and get around the enemy who have been pushed back to their choke points around the hill.


If not confident, a somewhat decent position to take is middle. Sit there and be patient and let the battle unfold. You won't get spots but you can delay rush the enemy and spot anybody performing a similar delay rush. Taking middle position has saved my team once or twice when an enemy medium tries to blaze through middle to flank our hill.


(To be continued?....Not sure if I should, I'm lazy as hell!)

Scouts tend to have their own preferences for their own spots. Some share favourites, others have different ideas. Scouting styles also differ, some more combat orientated, some more scouty, some are aggressive, taking high risk, high reward spots, some are cautious, preferring to wait for late game domination. Don't follow advice blindly, see which style fits you best.

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WOW, thanks for the info already!


I am mostly a very agressive player, especially in meds and heavies.  Probably too agressive, but you know, working on it ... :)

I can however sit still in a location and passively spot for my team, but what I really still need to work on is keeping my trigger finger a little more in check ...


Some good tips on Abbey and Karelia.  I'll definately be testing them out.

I am glad to read that on closed maps like Himmelsdorf/Kharkov/... I can't really do much in the beginning.  Because I literally find myself driving circles in the back and trying to flank/damage distracted or isolated enemies.  I just feel guilty at that moment because I feel like I'm not doing anything for the team actively.  So I'm just glad to hear it's not just me :)


Oh yeah, a small tip from myself, which I've learned through experience: don't go to spots suggested by Jingles or Quickybaby.  They have too many followers and enemies counter those spots too easily ...

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[...] don't go to spots suggested by Jingles or Quickybaby.  They have too many followers and enemies counter those spots too easily ...

I bet you will learn rather quickly that are not held in too high esteem on those forums.

There are way better ppl around in terms of entertainment value and potential for education.

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LOL.  Indeed.
Jingles is just too funny.  I love his complaining: when he's hit he complains that he's targetted because he's famous.  When he's blind shotted he's stream sniped ... LOOOOL


In my opinion EJ is the best EU player.  While Circon and SirFoch are pretty good too, and Zeron as well.


If you have any others or other good light tanks tips and places to go, can't wait to learn :)

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Pretend to be Leo 1. I personally can't stand passive scouting, so on open maps I find a good middle spot and run around. When I get to late game I run in and do damage/killsteal when I see the opportunity.

This could be useful as well, but depending on your scout.

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with his according stream (see thread)

Zeven, too, as I repeatedly hear that he explains very well on the fly.

Barks_internally, plays almost exclusively the Leo 1, where you can learn aggressive lighttanking from.

For entertainment, I usually watch Nolan or Zeronez, occasionally Orzanel, even tho they are LTing seldomly, if at all.

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I love to watch PoshyBird.  His raging is just too funny :)

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One valuable skill I learned is that if youre stuck in close quarters (like on himmelsdorf), play like a bitch. Get a reload timer mod and hide behind heavies and poke for dmg. You can make that heavies 122mm feel like a 152mm. That may give courage to your heavy.

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