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Amped. My observations and plea regarding average in CW.

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Most of our clan is solid yellow to light green. But the only time we're reliably winning is when we're facing clans that are 2/3 yellow and ⅓ red. We win those not because of teamwork but because 1v1 we are barely better players, not a collection of retards. We can improve and are somewhat-as individuals. Tier 1 clans win for one main reason: they master the basics and consistently provide smooth performances. Thats why you see rotational dominance on the CW field amongst the top units. They master basics execute like swiss clockwork. We work together about as well as a timex that’s been parked under a maus.


Collectively we don't use autoloaders effectively nor do we know how to counter them at all (use soft stats like view range, accuracy, gun depression, sustained DPM, alpha hits, camo values). We have no idea how to use artillery at this level of play (having a supportive fire plan, priority of fires, designating a FIST in each subsection, having a FO with a elementary education on ballistics so he doesn’t call for unplanned fires through a fucking mountain). As far as arty goes, we are leaning -heavily- on individual players, and while Tanker and Jen are kick ass arty operators we shouldn’t be forcing them to guess everything. “Do whatever you want because I didn’t bother to think ahead” is not what happens at this level of play if you want to win. If you’re calling a match you should be able to have a rough idea of whether arty can hit targets in certain areas and should only need to ask if its a unique situation. We’ve all played pub matches, learn elementary do’s and don’ts from pubbies instead of during clan fights.  As an aside, a conqueror is not the only tier10 arty for a reason.


We don't know how to run maps, and consistently fail to evaluate the actual terrain on the ground and how it interplays with view range to establish things like sight lines and points of dominance (sending meds to scout/attack when there’s no way they can actually beat OPFOR to a site they’re nearly certainly going to be at, or trying to push into autoloaders on the same altitude). Believe it or not distance on the minimap is not always a golden rule for how long it takes to get to a certain spot. If every time you run into a tier1 operator like Otter or G (using these because that’s who we most commonly encounter in detachments) and they have a certain type of tank at a particular location there’s a goddamn good reason for it, and that reason is almost always view range dominance over key areas. STOP GALAVANTING PAST THEM.


We don't share the health pool at all. Its a team battle for a reason. If you see somebody getting the shit blasted out of him try to cover him before he’s down to double digits. At a more advanced level you’ll see (as consistently happens when we meet Otter in detachments) that multiple players are one or two shots at the end. They’re that way for a reason, they do this well. Also, we don't focus fire or even identify targets to focus down at all. When we rarely identify targets to kill its normally by % health. Which is a shitty way to do it, because 30% of a maus is a lot different than 30% of a T110E5 and makes it more difficult to rapidly determine how many shots its going to take to take the gun out of the match. Likewise, before we advance to contact we have a shitty comprehension of which tanks are most important to kill. If you send three IS7’s around a corner into a maus and a T110E5 the mouse should probably not be your first target. Also, and again relating to issues with autoloaders that are pretty universal, when you charge a AMX50B and he drums your ass and you let him run off, if you see him 30 seconds or so later chances are pretty good he’s got a magazine in the chamber again, so don’t do the same thing.


We keep having the same thing happen over and over without acknowledging the real issues, let alone doing anything tangible about it. The sole adjustment we've made is the same one that most other clans with problems implement: the rule "never speak and listen to the battle commander AT ALL TIMES". Assigning one guy god mode doesn’t work when he’s not experienced enough (and I’m talking hundreds of battles here with good -52% MINIMUM- win rates) because he gets information overload and then either starts to micromanage or disconnects from what’s in front of his face, giving calls that are impossible due to vehicle/map/player limitations. This only works if we derprush them from someplace they weren't expecting, otherwise we get 3/4-15 wipeouts. Things like forgetting how many of a tank type you have happen because our tac officer is trying to think for 14 people, and is unacceptable at this level of play. Things like forgetting the 5 mediums that were spotted going down a flank that you left unguarded while you charge at 6 autoloaders across dishpan flat ground are the result. Inexperience and poor situational awareness are, in my mind, the  reason our main tactics are either a 1. derp rush or 2. a campfest around green flag. And surprisingly, both are particularly complete shit against 1: competent teams or 2: high burst damage vehicles.


We need to delegate and assign groups, even if its just buddy pairs it’d be an order of magnitude better than what we’ve got now. Platoons exist, use them not just for improving stats but to actually learn to work together. Our battle callers are not experienced enough, and won’t be for a long time, to be at the level when they can stay track 14 people while maintaining situational awareness.  Stalin delegated to his army commanders in order to overcome the Wehrmacht because one man can’t run everything efficiently. We micromanage way too much for the level of player skill (caller and fighter) and teamwork we have, and flat out refuse to use tactical teams/groups, let alone delegate down responsibilities to section commanders.  Most of these wins against clans on our level and higher are because they had a passive strat or we just get flat out lucky.


The reason you white chat with Tier 1 clans and be at least civil because they are tier1. It shows you respect them, their level of achievement and that you aren’t assholes. This isn’t middle school where you don’t talk to somebody that’s not in your clique. If you are going to do no white chat, make it for the teams of tomatoes that are going to do nothing but troll you. And even then, if they reach out and aren’t dicks then you return the greeting because its civil and polite and you’re not a troll living under a bridge. You chat with the Tier1’s because if they see that you’re learning and improving and aren’t total tools/retards you’d be amazed the level of inroads it will give you for diplomacy, or even just friendly suggestions of what to do differently. Which, ultimately, if we’re ever going to actually win and hold land we are going to need. Nobody worth a damn allies with people that can’t fight or are assholes. You solve half that equation just with a friendly “howdy-do gents, good fight, and nice use of terrain T-62”, so why would you not do it?


I'm tired of losing 100k in a night because we keep brushing this off and saying its because we "dont listen to the caller" or "they're just gods compared to us". Both of those are bullshit excuses, and if we're ever going to be as good as the average stats in this clan suggest we should be doing we need to actually learn tier5 level skills. You don't start the learning process by having some shiny platinum fucking plan/caller, you do that by applying the basic skills of clan wars, or any organized battle for that matter. which we consistently suck at.

Just because you want to be getting free gold/detachment bonuses doesn’t mean you’re going to get it handed to us. Frankly we're not ready to win reliably at tier10. We are losing millions of credits and with tank locking preventing access to vehicles that we should be learning how to operate in pubbies so we’re at least competent in. We ought to work on the basics in platoons and tier6 detachments then gradually scale up as our teamwork develops. What we’re doing now of having 2-4 CW matches and a couple hours of tier8/10 detachments is just pissing away credits/xp we could be using for vehicles while simultaneously reinforcing piss poor habits.


From where I stand we need to do one of two things, and both are equally viable-but totally separate. We need to decide if we’re fine being a noncompetitive social clan and continue what we’re doing now while we stop pissing into the wind with 2-4 hours wasted on uppertier-detachment/CW charges and campfests every night constantly reinforce poor habits and demoralize the people that want to commit and win until they quit. Or we decide we at least want to compete on a level that our stats suggest we’re capable of, in which case we need to implement ALL of the above, and start deliberately kicking anybody that either can’t or won’t follow the above, until we get to the point where we see a Tier1 clan in the matchup and don’t instantly think, “well this is a wash”. But we need to collectively make a decision, because right now about 30 people are carrying this ass backwards combo, and that can’t function in the long term. I’ve seen clans that chose to go big league. If they commit they can compete and possibly dominate eventually. I’ve been in clans that chose to stay small time, and they were a great bunch of dudes that made me laugh my ass off.


If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and chime in below with your thoughts on the topic. I originally put this together for my own clan, but I think it can likely be used by a lot of other people clans. If you’ve got comments or suggestions please PM me either in the forums or in game. I will edit this to try to keep it up to date. Ideally I’d like it to the start of a discussion about how to improve clan-level operations, similar to Tazillion’s scouting guides and Lert’s great series (Lert’s awesomeness here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/197648-collection-of-guides-tips-and-helpful-links/ and here:)


And I would absolutely love if one of you worldbeaters would deign to invite this common peasant to a platoon where I could bask in your radiance and absorb some of your knowledge. I’d both love a chance to learn some habits from players much better than me and I promise I’ll try to contribute enough that you won’t be totally disgusted by having me around.

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Open a 2nd clan ("[Pimped]") and devide the people - the ones that are serious about CW and the social random fun clan. Both in one clan doesnt work. The CW players will otherwise leave over time.

+1 to this.

There's simply some players, ( probably in your clan ) who just want to play the game and don't give a fuck about winning or getting better.

They're never gonna completely try to win in CW's or skirmishes.

You need to take your CW players and make a sister clan, or a new clan.

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Same as the guys above have stated, EAB2 (my current clan) is exactly that, a sister clan with actual entry requirements so you can count on everybody to perform half-decently in CW. 

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So yeah, that wall of text? WAY WAY WAY too much effort into it. 


There's a telos of calling and cw, and the entry point is wide eyed curiosity, then this middle stage of seriousness and HARDCOREEEEEEE. Towards the end, you have to discard the fucks given by the wayside. Divest the ego from the equation, not worry about the outcome. If you've got a pants on head strat that seems like it might work, but could just as well cause you to diaf, do it. Super-strict comms is also another falsehood. If you're able to get the minimum necessary information across, then that's all you need. 


That's not to say that there's not importance in experience and basics. Every clan always could use a more coherent push etc. But overcomplicating plans, doing 'dry runs' in training rooms, and the like are more likely to confuse and bore people. Pre-positioned and pre-timed arty something something (I'm not going to lie, my eyes glazed over there) is just IOC-bad. Pick a competent shitlord, and let them cancer. Pick an area commander if you need it, and be able to pass off targets or specifics to the area as needed. 


If something doesn't work, don't over-think it. Morale, confidence, and having fun will bring success. 

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