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[PRVDA] Is recruiting people with the desire to learn!

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Hey, you there! Yes, you. Sitting there, staring at your screen. Do you feel bored, and perhaps just a little unfulfilled? Yes, I thought so. Well, do I have the remedy to all that ails you! Brand new to the Clan market is PRVDA, an associate clan to Pravda Girls’ Academy.


Now there of course a few requirements:

  • Have a microphone, and be active on Teamspeak
  • 1 Tier VI tank for Strongholds.
  • Training sessions every other week


Whew, what a list!


Certainly you must be wondering just what PRVDA is hoping to do? Those answers are simple enough. PRAVDA is hoping to start up a confident strongholds team. While remaining casual and fun! Activities include hanging out, parties, karaoke and more! With your help our possibilities are endless!


But what’s in it for you? A reasonable question. I think we like lists, so here, have one of the reasons to join:


  • A fun, casual anime clan
  • We host our own TS3 Server
  • Part of the largest Anime Alliance on the NA server
  • Officer positions are available!
  • Social, low pressure no commitment (Unless you sign on for a tournament!)
  • Kind, fun, helpful and understanding staff
  • They are already a part of an established alliance, with many CW clans, so advancement is always a possibility.
  • Bi-weekly training with other clans in the alliance.


Okay, now that’s a real list!


So, now that you have the facts you don’t need to feel bored and unfulfilled. If you have any questions come find me ingame or shoot me message here! Good luck tanking out there! Panzer Vor!


User experience may vary, Anime not required to apply or enter, disliking/hating anime will not vary your chances to win. rules and regulations apply while under contract with prav and a member of the alliance. purchase not necessary.
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We also have two warthunder clans on our Ts3 as well, Pravda first Guards and ASDL.

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