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Hello wotlabs, I have to say I've put off checking this website out for far too long. I've always had a problem figuring out what it is I wanted out of WoT, perhaps I could get my answer here. Just thought I'd drop in, say "hey" and see what I could learn. 


I've been playing WoT since...March of 2012...I think... But I've still got less than 4k battles. =\ I love the game and I love tactical combat...but I feel divided with my ambitions. Sometimes I lean toward other games, other ambitions, but I always seem to come back. Then I get this bad feeling I'm betraying my own ambitions when I neglect them for too long..so It becomes a messy tug-o-war between me and 40 other games. XD 


Perhaps some of you have had this feeling and could guide me to a solution.


I wouldn't say I'm a great player, more like, i'm adaptable. I have a pretty high aptitude for learning and applying new ideas. So you could say I'm just a selective player I suppose. 


Anyways, that's my introduction, hope to get to know a few of ya soon and learn why so many players have such a strong passion for a game I seem to be passive about. 

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Welcome, you're pretty good for someone with less than 4k battles heh

Yeah..and I get called a smurf or reroll quite often. Didn't know it was so prevalent in the game XD

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Welcome to Wotlabs and enjoy your stay! Be warned though, the tankers here are crazy. Well, maybe it's just that Shifty_101st guy... :P

Lots of useful info on this forum. Sometimes I wonder why I keep playing this game as well, but idk. I just keep coming back to it, even after i try to find another game to play. I guess I've just spent so much time on it.  But with that said, Good Luck on the battlefield!

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