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I'm sure this is just a glitch that will fix itself...

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I took a look at my stats this morning and almost didn't even see this, but the color difference gave it away:




FOr the record, I'm lookin at the Chart that shows my last 24 hours, and the sig banner for the last day.  I would think they use the same formula to get the same stats, but I suppose I could be mistaken.


I'm sure by the time anyone sees this, it will have refreshed and fixed itself, but I thought it was curious enough to ask if it has been noted before.


Thank you for your time.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled Shenanigans.



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The sig is generated and cached every so often, not every time it's viewed (otherwise that would create massive load on the WoTLabs server).  What you're seeing there is the cached sig before it updated to the latest 1 day stats, it was matching up when I looked at it just now on the site.

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