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Volunteers Required for the People's Collective Database!

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/While XVM showed us that faith in statistics,

/Inspires us to carries, to deeds, and to fame!



Comrades of WoTLabs,



As the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of our glorious Motherland, it is our sacred duty to spread our famous luck and wisdom to the proletarian masses. To further the cause of Soviet public education, we must study, experiment, and establish new, groundbreaking literature for the benefit of the workers of the world. Only with such great patriotic effort can we bring about the peoples' dream of international socialism. From our base of operations in the WoTLabs Forums, we are in a position to re-launch The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study. In this study, we aim to assess how practical it is to liberally use gold shells with tanks such as the IS-6. With this program, we can share our knowledge with the WoT Official Forums, which are in sore need of education.






Top: The superior academic facilities of WoTLabs Forums.

Bottom: The state of education in the WoT Official Forums.



The success of this program depends on you, the tankers of WoTLabs. In a style that Lenin would approve of, we will use an army of volunteers to collect a variety of IS-6 combat data. For this study, we will accept data from tankers of all stat (luck) brackets for a wide spectrum of results. Volunteers will be acknowledged in the study and will receive mass amounts of e-honour. To motivate this operation, we provide some background information:





Long has it been since the original Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study. Through Stalin's Five Year Plan for the development of the Soviet Union, much of our older production and rationing systems have now been improved for the benefit of the working public. One fine example of our economic progress is demonstrated by the abolition of capitalistic gold ammunition sales; the tankers of today enjoy one equal price of shells for all. Moreover, the people's Party assures us that there has not been, nor will there ever be, any hidden changes to the economic viabilities of any tanks in the Motherland's service[1].



Necessarily, as a side effect of these revisions, our older gold economics studies have been rendered obsolete. But we do not fear the change caused by historical inevitability; with true revolutionary spirit in our hearts, the peoples of the Soviet republics embrace the name of progress and the destruction of oppressive tradition. Through the power of the workers' hands, we will reform the past and rebuild our future. Now is the time to re-evaluate and push the limits of using gold shells and to feel the extent of our factories' combined industrial might!






Even years after its first introduction, the IS-6 remains a valuable component of the Red Army. Despite the gradual appearance of new foes on the battlefield, the Stalin series remains one of the fastest lines of heavy tanks[2]; such speed is a necessity to traverse the wide expanse of the Motherland and to chase down the fascist boxes wherever they may run. In combat, the IS's 122mm cannon boasts superior damage and accuracy[3] over all opposing tanks-of-the-line. Furthermore, the IS-6 is equipped with all-round Soviet steel both sloped and thick to bounce AP shells as well as to resist HE shells from cancerous clickers. Most importantly, the IS-6's robust construction allows it to survive battle after battle using simple and inexpensive repairs made with recycled parts from the enemy's own tanks. In this way, the IS-6 has become the greatest defence for our new strongholds.



Given the constant back-and-forth flow of battle, it has become apparent that the Union requires many strongholds along the Eastern Front. Such positions can be quickly established to allow us to hold any territory gained by our valiant attacks against the fascist boxes. To protect our strongholds, we make full use of the IS-6's durability; while our enemies lose countless tanks in the field, our IS-6's will always return ready for another fight. Through the Power of the Motherland, the Red Army will never be defeated in a war of attrition. In this manner we will bleed the fascists for every step they take on Russian soil. Then, we will come back in full force to crush and humiliate their wretched boxes!








For those who are prepared to serve our glorious Union, carefully read through the methodology of this study so as to adhere to proper scientific standards. Furthermore, re-reading some of our old Soviet Gold Economics Studies may help you understand the relevant data and evidence required for such a study.








The study was conducted by a variety of volunteer tankers in order to obtain results for a wide spectrum of skill and/or luck. In an attempt to maintain a consistent testing environment while also respecting the wide cultural differences of tankers across our vast Motherland, volunteers will be subject to the following relaxed conditions:





1) No platooning.


2.1) A minimum of 50 battles must have been previously played on the IS-6.


2.2) A minimum crew skill of 100% is required for the primary competence. Secondary crew skills are permitted.


3.1) A maximum of 3 HE shells are permitted on the tank. This is to prevent the abuse of the infamous “does damage every shot” trick.


3.2) At least as many APCR shells as AP shells must be loaded on the tank. AP may be used at discretion.


3.3) Any choice of equipment and consumables is permitted.


4) Either a Premium Economics Policy or a Standard Economics Policy is permitted.


5) Playing at any time, at any day, and in any time-zone is permitted.





For volunteers who meet the restrictions, the actions they are to take for this study are as follows:





1) The volunteer is to formally state their username and, optionally, a politically-correct title. Let us make this entertaining, shall we?


2) Take a screenshot of one's own IS-6 stats prior to the experiment.


3) Ensure that recording replays is enabled; play a random battle in the IS-6.


4) Upon conclusion of battle, take a screenshot of the post-battle screen to display relevant data such as damage dealt, EXP earned, silver ration tickets earned, etc. Some data, such as consumables expended, may not be visible on a post-battle screen. This is fine because such data will be proven by a replay. An example of a post-battle screenshot is as follows:










5) Record relevant data on to a spreadsheet, making use of sums and multiplications to calculate values with factory-level accuracy and efficiency. Be sure to calculate values for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies. See the following example below for all the data that is required. Note: The number in brackets besides AP, APCR, and HE are the costs in silver ration tickets of each respective shell.










6) Repeat steps 3) to 5). 10 games must be played per volunteer.


7.1) At the end of the study, take another screenshot of one's own IS-6 stats. The number of battles that have elapsed between this screenshot and the pre-study screenshot must equal the number of entries on the spreadsheet to prove that every battle is accounted for.


7.2) Even under special circumstances such as an internet disconnect, every battle must be recorded. Try to salvage as much information as possible; if a piece of data cannot be found, leave a blank and note the exceptional event. Inferior capitalist internet is a real issue and should be represented in this study.


7.3) Likewise, an exceptional event that occurs in-game does not warrant skipping over the data collection for a battle. Being one-shot by arty may abnormally reduce one's stats, but cancer is a real world issue and must be depicted in a true-to-life manner by this study.


8 ) Having finished the study, the volunteer is to submit the following documents for analysis:





i) One pre-study and one post-study screenshot of IS-6 stats.


ii) One (or more) screenshots of the spreadsheet with all the data.


iii) A .zip or .rar file containing all the post-battle screenshots.


iv) A .zip or .rar file containing all the replays of the battles.


Note that screenshots should be uploaded to an online image-hosting website such as Imgur, and .zip files should be uploaded to an online file-hosting website such as Mediafire. Please provide links to your uploaded materials.





The volunteer will then be promptly awarded a medal and pronounced a Hero of the Soviet Union.











[1] U.S.S.R. Ministry of Propaganda. Hidden Changes: a Matter of Public Transparency. Moscow: People's Collective Publishing, October 1947. (Soviet Public Information and Education Issue no. 175.23).

[2] Red Army Choir. (1939). March of the Soviet Tankists.

[3] Kirov Factory. (1943). Stalin Versus the Tiger. Leningrad: Kirov Industrial Works.

Aside from submitting data, a comrade can help by posting feedback on the methodology of this experiment. What is the best way to gather data in a consistent manner, while allowing for unavoidable differences e.g. playstyle? Finally, any relevant images are welcome, including in-game screenshots of pubbie tears and chemotherapy for cancer. We especially encourage Russian Bias and/or ponies.












And for those who,...


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Thought you quit..

We did. That's why we need volunteers to play this horrible game for us.

But we miss the pubbie tears and forum drama; that was something we did not let go of.

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There was no music.  I was not inspired.  I'm buying a pair of blue jeans, and opening a capitalistic fast food restaurant.

We expected that, after a year, everyone would have had the whole Soviet playlist downloaded already.

Off to re-education for you.

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So we reject free enterprise,

And once again the Left will rise!

Prepare the flags to be unfurled,

'Cause we're seceding from the world.


We shall regain the Georgian soil,

We shall obtain the arctic oil.

We shall arrange the blocks and toil,

Forever and a day...

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hue, gotta use correct RP-style dialectical diction in response.


Comrade, esteemed scientists at people's 1st Victory battalion of addicts - known to the proletarians as 'VBAddict' - has a feature to measure the capitalist deprivations and exploitation of each war peace-creating machine, including IS-6.




You can use fascist calculators to take average of the values. 

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hue, gotta use correct RP-style dialectical diction in response.


Comrade, esteemed scientists at people's 1st Victory battalion of addicts - known to the proletarians as 'VBAddict' - has a feature to measure the capitalist deprivations and exploitation of each war peace-creating machine, including IS-6.




You can use fascist calculators to take average of the values. 



A true machine of science would need to measure the exact number of APCR and AP shells fired so as to ascertain the maximum rate of gold that can be used without going into capitalistic deficit. Furthermore, honest researchers of the Motherland must submit full evidence to support their findings, as opposed to fascist propagandists who use photoshopped kill ratios to inflate their egos.



Really? What if you don't shoot apcr often?



The purpose of this study is to assess just how much gold one can fire and how much it would cost; therefore, factory-loads of gold shells are required for this study.


There is no cost too great for victory, comrade.

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There is no cost too great for victory, comrade.

Agreed, but I barely ever need to shoot all of the 10 APCR I have loaded. I do load them when facing tier 8 heavies.


Would my results be irrelevant for your study then? I wouldn't mind taking part...

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It is good to see the gold-economics studies back I might take part. Here are my IS-6 stats as they are now. Are we required to fire gold even if we feel we don't need to?


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The idea is to minimize the chances of bouncing so as to maximize carry-ability and damage-farming. Whether the target is worth a gold shell is up to discretion; this study will allow up to a half load of AP, which is a lot.


Consider that gold shells are in all ways superior to AP shells: they greatly negate the cancer known as RNG. By having a higher minimum penetration threshold, they prevent LOL-RNG-BOUNCEs and may penetrate a target even if the shell misses an intended weakspot. This kills the enemy faster so you can conserve more hitpoints and have more time to move to another place that needs carrying. Furthermore, APCR can allow better opportunities to engage Tier 9s, frontally if need be, and allows carrying in all battle tiers. Finally, APCR offers the best chance to make the clutch game-winning shot; carrying to the end only to get bent by RNG really, really sucks.


To this end we would recommend using APCR if there is any possibility of bounce, but would permit AP against squishy targets such as cancer and most mediums, etc. And really, it should not be all that expensive. Our IS-6 study from a year ago used all APCR (~10 shots a game) and, with a Standard Economics Policy, took only a small average loss of 4,500 silver ration tickets per game played.


Do as Soviet sniper: one bullet, one fascist!

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