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[NA] [_NPC_] Civilians

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The so called Civilians are the Plague of the Free World



An introduction:

Like some of you know, I was running the Diplo/Organization of the CW business from CAZA since Campaign 1, but after a year of disagrees with his predecessor kufo (he wanted a only tourney clan) I decided to give a step out and give a try to regroup all the good spanish speakers players in the same clan, trying to reach the top like others non english speakers did, and counting that there is a whole continent that speaks spanish, I have some faith.

So far we have people from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana and Venezuela.

Why Am I posting here?

For 2 reason:

One is to present us, because we are still a small group, but even with this bunch we are able to Play CW (and the Campaign 3 is coming)

On the other hand, because I know that there are more players that speaks spanish, but never check the Spanish Section on the WoT forum due the constant drama that usual latin american players do and hoping this guys jump in our TS if they are interested of join us. (We also had on CAZA, USA players who managed to speak spanish pretty well)

What can I offer:

These so far are the awards that I could get to CAZA on the previous Campaigns:

Campaña 1 (10/6/13  al  26/7/13)

22do Lugar

~68 M60s

~150.000 de Oro


Campaña 2 (5/11/13  al 15/12/13)

9no Lugar

~57 VK72.01s

~100.000 de Oro



Mini-Campaña (6/5/14  al  17/5/14)

4to Lugar

~56 T23E3s

~80.000 de Oro



The Clan:

Rating in the last Month:







1 Activity: ~4 Nights a Week.

2 2600+ WN8 60 Day or Overall 2100+ (Either one or the other, but both will be good too)

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3rd Campaign ended, getting 41 Tanks out of 42 of active players.


Now we are lowering a little the requirements (2200+ WN8 60 Day or Overall 1800+) to increase the group to be more avaiaible to play CW and Strongholds more fluently.

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