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"Medium" Premium T8 Tank: T-34-3 or FCM 50t

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So for someone who doesn't have a type 59 and lost his faith in ever getting one, which premium tank should one get?


I'm primarily considering the profitability and only then its "mediumness".


I'm tired of the T34, constantly fighting t10s and crawling around the map and while I enjoy the IS-6 it simply doesn't print the money it should when you need to fire apcr.


On the test server I felt the T-34-3 is barely mobile and doesn't allow for mid to high range engagements. It's only good thing is 390 dmg shots, but even that only happens each 11 seconds +/-.


And I'm sorry is this is a repost. I used the search and it didn't come up with any relevant result.

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FCM is not easy to play solo, thats all I can really say on the matter. No camo, low alpha, no realy armor other than lol tracks. Not easy at all.

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The T-34-3 has 175mm of pen on its silver round, coupled with abysmal aimtime and accuracy. It also has 3 degrees of gun depression.


The FCM 50t has 212mm of pen on its silver round, aims 1.1 seconds faster and is .10 more accurate. It has 8 degrees of gun depression.


Considering the fact that you're looking for a medium-style premium that can print credits easily, it mostly comes down to whether you can make the T-34-3 work with silver rounds.

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Lel joke.

For me, t34-3 is just trollishly fun. Its not amazing by any means, but hull down, turret is great at bouncing. Gun is meh but is workable, and i don't use gold ammo on it. Credits are nice too. The better option imho

FCM...is...like a woman on a period. Some days shes an angel, the next shes just fucking batchat....i mean bat shit crazy retarded. Gun is accurate on paper but im still getting seriously derpy RNG misses some times. And that fail armour and massive box of a target just makes me cry sometimes. Oh and that medium vibe with not so medium camo rating :(

T34-3 personal pros and cons


Quite mobile for a premium

Decent cash

Nice alpha

Nice turret

Nice looking

Can brawl a little bit


Gun has mediocre pen bur workable


Aim time, acc, rld,

Dat depression....



Nice gun stats


Decent enough depression compared to T34-3

Also decent cash

No need for gold ammo at all

50 tonnes can hurt when ramming


Fat and fugly

Lel did you pack enough repair kits for modules?

Lel what about first aid kits?

Derpy RNG gun (i run with vert stab, coffee and gunnery skills and it still derp misses ALOT in my tank)

Fail camo

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I have both, I prefer 34-3 over the fcm because you can hull down, but fcm can snipe more reliably with better mobility, and better credit making. I enjoy playing both however 34-3 took much longer to learn. Fcm was more our less a one trick pony and easy to learn

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FCM has been quite decent for me, I would think you should be able to make it work. 

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I have both. The T-34-3 is more FUN to play, and more carry capable (turret armor, alpha) but can be maddening with the 3 deg gun depression and self trolling gun stats. Its a tanks that I love, but doesn't love me back often times....  The FCM is easier to play and prints money more easily, but you have no armor, at all and just isn't that exciting.  Just a health pool to trade.

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T-34-3 will force better medium play habits, and can carry better. FCM is easier. i love Chinese meds, and even though I have a Type 59, I also have a 34-3. I love French heavies, and do not own an FCM.

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T-34-3 plays like a true medium, and is great fun to play, the FCM is easier to play because of the pen/gun handling, but at the same time more frustrating because it punishes you for not being pure support.

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Wait for the Chasseur de Chars

It's more light tank-like than medium tank-like, but it's closer to a proper medium than a camoless FCM 50t or a stubborn, inaccurate T-34-3

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