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I wasn't sure to put this, but I need help.  I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.   I had to reload WOT due to a virus on my side.  Anyway after downloading it again I tried to add XVM.  I followed the instructions and downloaded iit to my WOT folder.  Yet it is not working and my activation is still counting down.   I tried everything my tiny pin head could think of, so any help at all would be appreciated.

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Make sure you are using a 9.4 version. This was just added today 11/6 to the main download page, before today you had to use a nightly build since the patch.

Edit the "xvm.xc.sample" file in the configs folder. You need to have an "xvm.xc" file pointing to the correct config. If using the default, just rename the sample file.



edit: you may need to go to the XVM site and Add Client to add the token to your new install.

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Clear your cache folder.


appdata\wargaming.net search for this in appdata.


Delete all but Pref.xml. Then go to XVM page and login and press update client and activate stats. It will be fine.


If its not you need to see what error you have in the xvmlog and post it.


C:games\wot then open XVM.log and see what errors and post them here. Otherwise we arent telepathic :)


I usually tell guys under 1k not to bother with XVM before they learn game mechanics as it really hurts more than helps usually. Both winchance and seeing who is a great player doesnt matter as much. Nor does last seen on minimap as under 1k you just need to focus on angling your tank and act like you could be attacked at every turn.

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