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Luna's KV-5 Solo Challenge

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I usually make 30-45k with moderate gold use (i.e every time I fight something I cant reliably pen) in my IS-6 and KV-5, 45-55k in my FCM with very rare gold use (E-75s and ST-Is are such a pain, and sometimes I dont trust my 210 pen against things like smart T-54), and ~70k with no gold use (all AP IS-6 challenge numbers).


Do you mean like, people who fire literally 100% APCR out? Usually credits arent an issue for them. Not many people do that though. Usually I get 15-25k when doing that. I guess you could still farm credits like that, but to make as much as I do normally it'd take ages. No thanks, I dont like my IS-6 that much :x

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