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_pip_'s unicum solo challenge- E-50 M edition (in progress, 62/200 games played)

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Some of you might remember my first attempt at this, in which I played 5 Bat Chat games and proceeded to quit the game for a couple of months. College workload has died down, so now that I'm playing again I've taken up the challenge once more!


_pip_ has kindly lended me his account. Target is 70% WR, I'm undershooting quite a bit thus far ;[ We'll see if I can salvage it.


Stat images are rather large, so I'm putting them in spoilers.






Overall stats:


Wins: 41/62(66.12%)

DPG: 3312

Survival Rate: 46.43%

XP/G: 1122

WN8: 3497




Day 1




Day 2




Day 3







  • My main issue right now is definitely rust. When I land a new or reworked map, I have no clue where to go or what to do, and often end up overextending and dying a horrible death. See my Murovanka/Stalingrad games for examples. I switched from the Bat to the 50 M for specifically this reason... results have been mixed, as you can see.
  • Ping is manageable, only ~40ms more than West server and very stable. It's not really been an issue, although I have missed some shots in very derpy fashion. 
  • I'm doing a poor job of converting opportunities to damage dealt. Part of the issue is I'm so scared of losing that I'm not putting myself in positions to win, and am getting completely shut down for it. The other part of the issue is that I simply cannot aim- I'm missing so many "gimme" shots that I really shouldn't be missing. On that note:
  • I doing an absolutely abysmal job at clutching games. I'd like to blame it on rust, but it's fucking inexcusable. Day 1, battle 3, I lose a 14-14 scoreline game by failing to 1v1 an IS-4 at 900 health, instead bouncing repeatedly off his turret, roof, and hull- even with HEAT. Day 3 battle 1- I throw away an easily clutchable 1v3 scenario, with me at full health against a 600 health STB, 100 health T54E1, and arty by derping across the middle, getting sandwiched by the STB and arty, and smacked around. And those are only the most egregious examples- there are plenty of games that I could have swung simply by being less stupid. I remember one game on Abbey that we lost with 14-12 to capout, in which I got greedy, chased a Type 59, and was summarily nailed (and killed) for 1800 by an arty very early in the game. Had I been around, perhaps I could have swung that game. Shamefur dispray 
  • EU server has a lot less arty. So much less. It's a fucking godsend, and the only reason I haven't tanked completely.
  • Only thing that matters is winning- I've capped out on a couple of occasions, for example, and thrown away my tank if I thought it would help stir the pubbie horde. Take a look at day 2 battle 5 on Steppes for an example of stealing the game from a definite loss... I honestly started jumping around IRL when I stuck it ;D 


Ironically I plan on taking the week off to avoid EU's 5x win special, but I figured I'd put up the thread with what I have so far.

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Hang on, these numbers make no sense, I'm fixing them


e: turns out some of the games are showing up as incomplete (all Stalingrad games) even though they were fully recorded! Peculiar.


Those six games were- 4 Stalingrad games (3 wins, 1 (15-14, I cost us the game, AGH) loss), 1 Himmelsdorf Encounter (win), and 1 Highway (loss), so 4/6.

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Also noteable: He was killed by QuickyBaby  :thumbup:


Can confirm, was on Murovanka encounter, I believe day 2.


On the bright side I ended with high caliber and defender x.x but it's okay guys it's not like I wanted that win anyway *sniffle*

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Good luck precam!  :) Can confirm it is a wise decision to stay away for the x5.

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pip is gonna b so fucking padded...


And yes, he does!

16 AMX 50B HT FR 10 80 67.50%


posts merged- precam


I just wanted to type in red


thanks cumcum!!!! 

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Do you have a 50b pip?

Yep. U just need to retrain the crew but if u want to try just send me a pm. :)

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pip can you do a summary of who finished, how they did, etc?

Will wait for the end of November before a status summary. I am in no hurry. (Still waiting for Stefan_xD, EJ & Poltto) :P

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This is on hold until NA gets the second micropatch. I've been using a region editor to play both EU and NA on the same client, but today it broke my install- couldn't even sign into NA, rip. 

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