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Sigs will no longer show up under Tanker Stats

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Would having a couple extra lines on the side increase server load much?


Win Rate:         39.1%

Battles:             44012

Average Tier:    2.9

WN8:                312

60D Recent:     299



Well I guess this is exactly what we got. Looks good Never.

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I will agree that the change makes the site more clean.


As a new wotlabs user and tomato, I miss the tank stats since it gave me an immediate impression of the person postings experience with all vehicles. I know many will flex their epeen by showing us their stats in their signature, but it was additional information that helped me put their post into more clearer context. This was especially helpful when I first started reading the threads and didn't know any of the regular posters (I'd list people, but I'm sure I'd miss someone then told to fuck off, so yeah, no lists).

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Am I the only one without recent stats, or am I just so cool that nothing but a % sign could signify my skill? ;3

What are you talking about? Your stats show up perfectly!

WN8:             2744

Win Rate:     61.01%

Recent WN: hunter2

Recent WR: hunter2%

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I miss the visual flair the sigs on the side had. I thought they added a lot to the look of the forums. So, I made a userscript to bring back some of that without bogging down the servers with extra requests. it doesn't have all the information that's in the sigs, but it's lightweight and looks pretty.


Here is what it look:



And here is where you can get it:


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I just noticed a rather large drop on my recent Win8 today (247 points drop while my overall increased by two points) was there some sort of server refresh?


Link in-case above url is refreshed.


To the current one:




My 7 day, 30 day and 60 day win8 numbers all remain unchanged. Just wondering what would have caused this?

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Banish, if I had to guess you had a monster session exactly 1k games ago, which just got chopped off.


247 point drop in 11 games, when the replacement games are 3972 win8?


I've been playing pretty consistent at around ~3100 win8 for the past two months.


I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

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I think the way it works is.

You don't get 11 knocked off for every 11 you play.


Moreover you may get 60 or 70 knocked off for 11. Instead of being at 1000 battles for recent wn8 its like 930-940.

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