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1 hour ago, kaneaaa said:

Eh but then surely I would get bad Wn8 in the tank? I don't understand... Normally if I can't carry its reflected in bad wn8 for the tank.... but here its like bipolar correlation

That's not how WN8 works at all. You've drawn the wrong conclusions, please review the wiki.

In the meantime please post some replays in which you felt like you had trouble influencing the match. Those will be more helpful than vague assertions and complaints.

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Mate just post a few replays. We will help. Just post in the right topic instead of starting 10 new ones (so in this topic) and post them. 

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22 minutes ago, misunick said:

3 mark in 202 battles i love loot boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats. While I bash our new wotlabs player I seem to be stuck at 81-85% with sometimes dropping below 80. It's really strange since even when I don't try my % go towards 3 marks on tier8s naturally and here it somehow doesn't work.

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