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Tioga.moe Signature Support Thread and Q&A

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Hey guys, since Tioga is banned from these forums (for no reason might I add), I've offered to serve as a way to help him communicate with his end users who would rather try to seek support here. He has seen a lot of the same questions and has not been able to answer people directly, so you can ask him questions here and I will talk to him and give you answers.

You can create your own signatures here: http://www.tioga.moe/signatures/

A few answers to common questions he's been seeing so far:

  • There is no support for EU and it is not slated for the near future
  • You can now upload your own custom .gifs
  • Ribbons include 10k personal rating and Tier 10 3 MoEs
  • The numbers below the name are games played and average tier
  • The signatures are set to update every few hours when the wotlabs database is up. If your signature does not update in over a day please let me know so I can look into why that is happening.

Requirements for a custom gif signature:

  • The maximum filesize is 3 mb for gifs, and as always the signature size is 468x100. The maximum number of frames the gif can have is 300.

Tioga would also like to thank Neverwish for providing him with access to the wotlabs API, which made this service possible.




Here are some examples of the quality work happening over at tioga.moe




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Hey guys, since Tioga is banned from these forums (for no reason might I add), 



Seems like a collection of fairly good reasons to me. 

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Just read the Toga sanction thread.. Holy cancer. Let's not make this thread into a pissing contest, and just appreciate the giffed sigs which are pretty darn awesome :)

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Making the official request for this signature, which is an original done by the artiste, but for which I do not have a live version




please gief. 

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Turn thread into second boob thread? Yes please.

No more boob threads outside of the ones that are currently flagged.  This is not because the mods don't love boobs, but rather because boobs go against Google ads terms of service and could get Never's account suspended.



Green and purple complement each other well friend.

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What is the preferred means of contacting tioga to get a gif sig?  I already resized my desired gif to meat all of the requirements (468x100, <20 frames) so I would assume that it wouldn't be too much work, but I don't know what is required to put a gif in a sig, so I could be wrong.

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