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[NA East] Tier 9 & 10 Silent Platoons with Fellow 60 Percenters

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Hi all,

I'm looking for folks with around 60% recent winrate that I can spam invites to for silent platoons at tiers 9 and 10. I'm often on around 7-8 AM and 10-11 PM Eastern.

Want this to be as chill as possible. You can potato, I can potato, the tomatoes can potato and we'll just keep on a-playin'. Just want to stomp some pubbehs, listen to some good tunes, and enjoy the game sans performance anxiety!

Invite List

  • Cunicularius
  • N00BSAIB0T
  • _Knobby
  • _Brendan
  • _Natsuki
  • Rexxie
  • derpTacular
  • DingBat
  • burstcoolblue
  • Pocktio
  • yoyoya2
  • cvshaft
  • Sipher351
  • Cod_
  • Sianix
  • Death_Rattle_Shakes
  • Quantumkiwi
  • Groucho_Marxist
  • ShftyMagoo
  • 17_Pounder
  • Zepherex
  • MalevolentPenguin (StealthAlbino)
  • PaneerTikkaMasala (precam)
  • Rayderx
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Me, although my ping on East is not as good as it is on West, but I make up for that by playing heavies/TDs only on East. If that's cool then I dig silent platoons as well.

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edit: wait do I count as around 60%? My overall is :< damnit its recent

A-OK as long as you can love me for the potato I am and not the purple society wants me to be!


Hi friend, we have played together before, let us do so again :)

Yessss. We'll be derpin' the night away! :D

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Pork you sexy beast, why am not on your list :(

I'm always averse to soloing, but at the same time I just can't be fucked with the socialising aspect of Tooning. So this sounds potentially good.

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