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Hello, I am currently looking for a clan but not sure what are my best options at this time. I am looking for a clan that does do clan wars but maybe looking for people who are new to clan wars. I am available to play on the evenings three to four nights a week.  The tier ten I own is the t57 heavy. I am currently in process of buying back tier 8 tanks I have sold and working on Russian medium line. I am currently on the obj. 416. I would like to join a clan around or above my skill level. I am always trying hard to improve so I would like to find a group of people with the same mindset. So the question is should I hold off on the looking for clan until I unlock the obj. 140 and improve my stats? Maybe get more battles under my belt? Any advice will help and thank you for reading.

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It might be somewhat tough for you to get much action in CWs having only 1 tier X. When your T57 gets locked you'll be sitting out for a few days. It sucks to have to miss CWs for that reason... There's a few non CWs clans out there that might suit you- if you'd be interested in that. That post by Dia might help you locate some of them: 

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