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So I'm going to try my hand at because it seems like a good excuse to derp around at tier six spamming gold and food. Here are the rules of engagement I'll be adhering to:

  • 50 games, all solopub.
  • 5 games per session. I'm not going to do this every night, so it'll take me a bit longer than 10 days.
  • Almost all APCR except for a handful of HE shells. Food. VStab/Rammer/Optics and a two skill crew (camo and gunnery/sixth/stowage).
  • The goal is to get the highest winrate I can, although the sample size is too small to draw conclusions from.
  • Data tracked and presented using an amazing program that you need in your life.
  • All replays hosted so you can watch me derp if the mood suits you.

I really like with play-by-play analysis, so I'll probably try to write up some of these replays in the same fashion if time permits and I feel like it. I'll try to cover games where I exerted the most influence on the outcome, both with game-winning decisions and errors in judgement that threw a game.


I run a vanilla client except for vbAddict's uploader stuff, so I'm not going to be able to present XVM chances to win or exact player data in my replay commentary.


Wish me luck! First session will probably be tomorrow or Saturday because I got a super shitty night's sleep last night.


All aboard the S.S. Goldspam!


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Upboated for maximum pub hoisting potential...


Edit:  I will try this as well once the campaign is done.  I liked the T-34-85 when I originally played it, should be a good experiment.  I'll be following this with some interest.

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So my first session will probably be tonight, but I had an epiphany: I should try this challenge in the Type 58, too! Maybe alternate sessions so that I don't get used to the playstyle before switching tanks and invalidating a comparison between the tanks.

Could be neat, but ehrmegerd credits. Thank goodness it's fun to grind credits in the T-34-3 with its new buffs.

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So, I just completed the first session. Don't have time to put up a replay analysis atm, but a few notes:

  • Playing aggressively at tier 6 is almost a surefire way to die. Tier 6 pubbies give no fucks about pushing into someone with plenty of support behind them.
  • Holy shit, the tunnel vision is out of control at tier 6. This works to my advantage most of the time, but as a corollary to the first point watching my pubbie teammates close out a game where I didn't survive is an exercise in understanding the perils of high blood pressure.

Won all 5 games, two at tier 7 max and three at tier 6. A couple of nailbiters in there, though.


Here's the stats for the session:



The blank map entry was the new map, Stalingrad.


Replays are available here. If I have a chance, I'll throw up some commentary for one of 'em.

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Spent a bit longer on this than I had hoped, but without further ado I present...


Pork Derps the T-34-85 Challenge Game 04 Commentary


Stalingrad's south spawn shows up on the load screen and I get a chance to analyze the team composition.




So the key players in a brawly map like Stalingrad are likely going to be big alpha dealers and brute tanks. My team gets a TOG, their team gets a Church VII / KV-2 platoon.


From experience, I know that Stalingrad's current meta is that one side typically pushes with a lemming train and the other is left almost undefended. I know the TOG is not going to be getting anywhere fast, so hopefully he tries to stay near the base and camp it out. If he makes that decision, I'm going to play it like I'm the satellite to his planet. Ideally, the enemy will get greedy trying to hit my buddy, the TOG HP piñata, and I'll get free reign to frag them while they feast.


The timer counts down and almost everyone on our team heads West. Welp, looks like my plan is out the window and I'm going to have to conduct the lemming train to Capsville.


But then, something miraculous happens. Our TOG goes through an existential crisis and decides that someone had better cover against an East push and that he's driving the perfect tank to do that.




I was super relieved to see this, because it told me that the guy driving the key tank on our side actually might have a clue. However, the other two people that came East (an Easy 8 and a T40) overextended in a bad way. They don't have any support and have pushed well beyond the point of retreat.


I decide that I'm going to go halfsies on the Eastern flank to hopefully get some cheap shots and stall a push from the enemy if that's the side they decided to lemming train. Predictably, the initial enemy contact means our overextended Easy 8 gets wrecked and the T40 is stranded by himself (after which he spammed the "Help!" key like 8 times over the course of the match).




Strangely enough, their ELC has gone straight for our jugular. Our TOG has decided to hang around the corner at H6 and the ELC is probably mulling over his options for a capfast or somesuch nonsense. I go balls-to-the-wall and take a risky play to chase him off of the G line, not knowing where the bulk of the enemy force might be.




My play succeeds and I scare the ELC off without getting myself killed. I retreat back towards the TOG's position and then my minimap goes wild. The enemy is taking the lemming train full speed ahead on the West side of the map.




Since the T40's still alive (and spamming the "Help!" button), I know that the TOG is going to be able to singlehandedly defend East, so I head straight to the fight. My gun is needed on the front lines! I make it to H3 and start working my magic.




My teammates tunnel vision in a bad way, so I do everything I can to present a thorny front line to keep the enemy away from my team's soft underbelly. Their lemming train is spearheaded by a Hellcat and T-150, which I move to intercept.




Their T-150 demonstrates that he's not a mindless automaton by halting his forward march and re-engaging me. It catches me off-guard, but I've got plenty of alleyways to duck behind and he's got a peashooter so he's not able to punish me too badly for my error. I elect to break North to intercept a brewing enemy G-line push.




I succeed in nipping that blooming G-line push in the bud due in large part to my VK's assistance and the enemy's decision to swarm our isolated friends at H3. The VK and I are able to counterpush back on their flank's overexposed side while the TOG has positioned himself to defend the cap (and our backsides by proxy).




The VK and I catch a handful of tanks with their pants down while the TOG holds strong.




At this point, the enemy is either getting greedy for those delicious TOG hitpoints or they sense that their 11-7 lead might be at risk and that they'd better capfast. They press onward onto the TOG.


At this point, our exceedingly long British ally is likely working himself into a froth. This is his element. He can take on a bunch of limping tanks no problem. It is his time to shine.




And so they do. They come to him, seeking a glorious hitpoint feast but they do not know that they, themselves, are the prey. The plan I laid out at the beginning is coming to fruition.




I catch them in a pincer and the TOG and I lay waste to the remainder of their lemming train. All that is left after the massacre is a bit of cleanup. We've got to wipe the giblets off of the monster's chin.




All hail the TOG. A fearsome machine; a veritable Union Jackhammer. He gets his credit and the game is won.


Thanks, TOG buddy. Perhaps we shall meet again in Valhalla. It was a glorious fight.


The replay is available here.

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That was one of the most amusing commentaries (and matches) I've seen for quite a while :) Looks like you have the natural talent for it! Nice match, hoping to see more :)

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Thumbs up :thumbup: It reads like an exciting comic, what with all the speech bubbles and images. Looking forward to more from one of my favourite tanks in the game.

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Spent a bit longer on this than I had hoped, but without further ado I present...


Pork Derps the T-34-85 Challenge Game 04 Commentary


Stalingrad's south spawn shows up on the load screen and I get a chance to analyze the team composition.





This might be my favorite post ever.  Great, great, great work.  Thanks.

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Hi all,


I haven't forgotten this challenge; my playtime was sporadic all over the Thanksgiving break and I never knew when I would be able to get a full 5 game session in. I should be able to log another session tonight, though.

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