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Solopub Statistics Now Available with vbAddict and WoT Numbers

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This is probably old news for folks that regularly keep track of their stats, but vbAddict and WoTNumbers now keep track of your solopub and platoon statistics and can display them independently if you're interested in seeing your progress.


For example, I can look at my overall solopub progress with the "Solo" tab on the vbAddict "Progress" page.


will let you go a little further and filter out battles for an individual tank, solopub or platoon, and time period, which gives you a little more granularity in how you're viewing the data. You can also select what data you see in the table of battles so if you're trying to pad treecutter solopub, you're good to go.

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I always knew that I played better solo, this is really cool to have some data to actually measure. Apparently in the last 90 days I have played 400 Wn8 points better solo than in a platoon.

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It only has up to 90 days but not overall?

It's on the summary page, although that only goes as far back as you've been uploading battle results to vbAddict. WoT Numbers keeps track of your dossier and will gather your solopub numbers from the time you start using it.

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