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The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study
Journal of Sovietskiy Gold Economic Studies (1948), Volume 1, 12-20(4)






This study evaluates the economic viability of an IS-6 when firing gold. Research is conducted by recording statistics from in-game battles. The study concludes that the IS-6 can fire half APCR and still generate a surplus of silver ration tickets. These findings demonstrate that the tanks of comrade Stalin can crush capitalist potatoes without limit.



Keywords: IS-6, APCR, gold, Stalin, potato












Comrade tankers,
    Every factory across our vast nation roars with life as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics enters the Third Campaign of the Great Patriotic War. With the fascist boxes hiding behind their last remaining strongholds, it is time we take the fight across the sea and into the land of the capitalist potatoes. No more will their potato-tanks spread carbohydrates, diabetes, and too-heavy-to-lift teams across our Motherland!





Towards friendship, progress, and carries.



    In this gold economics study, the people's scientists, engineers, and mathematicians confirm the economic viability of an IS-6 shooting approximately half gold. We perform the study by conducting battles, recording performance statistics, and calculating the net gains or losses of rations. Through the superior luck of our tankers and the min-maxing abilities of our accountants, we show that the mighty tanks of comrade Stalin can crush the tyranny of capitalism!








Top: The superior academic facilities of WoTLabs Forums.
Bottom: The state of education in the WoT Official Forums.



    In the name of Soviet public education, it is the duty of the people to study, experiment, and establish new, groundbreaking literature to further the triumphs of communism. This learning is required if we are to complete Stalin's third Five-Year Plan, which has inspired us to such great deeds as the abolition of capitalistic gold ammunition sales. With revolutionary spirit in our hearts, the peoples of the Soviet republics embrace the achievements of progress and the destruction of obsolete tradition!





More metal! More APCR!



    However, even in times of perpetual warfare, we must ensure that our economy does not stoop down to lowly, capitalistic debt; we must not become the very enemy that we fight! To prevent such tragedy, the proletarian engineer has developed better tanks that are inexpensive to manufacture and maintain. Foremost of these tanks is the IS-6, an exemplary machine of Soviet ingenuity capable of regularly firing APCR shells while still generating a surplus of silver ration tickets. Now is the time to evaluate the limits of using gold and to feel the extent of our factories' combined industrial might!





    To minimize variables, the study was conducted without platooning. 10 battles were required per set in order to attain a reasonable average for net income. The battles were conducted and, to ensure the transparency of the study, the experimenter collected such evidence as screenshots of overall tank statistics, replays, and post-battle screenshots. The data is then clearly presented on a spreadsheet so that the mods do not lock this thread for being hard to read. The equipment of the participating tanks are as follows:






    Note that even under special circumstances such as an internet disconnect, every battle was to be recorded. Inferior capitalist internet is a detriment and should be represented in the study. Likewise, while being one-shot by arty may abnormally reduce one's stats, cancer is a real world issue and must be depicted in a true-to-life manner in the study.












Overall stats:



Post-battle screenshots:








Overall stats:



Post-battle screenshots:







    The study clearly proves that the IS-6 generates more silver ration tickets than ever before. Thanks to the great patriotic effort exerted by the Motherland's countless workers, gold shells have become widely affordable by all tankers, allowing us to farm mad damage against the capitalist potatoes. Whether with the Standard Economics Policy or the Premium Economics Policy, the tankers of today enjoy a generous surplus of rations when firing half APCR. Through extrapolation, we predict that even with a full load of APCR, the IS-6 can still generate a small surplus, and that is not even including the further damage and padding that can be done with pure gold!


    As we progress through the Third Campaign, it has become apparent that we need many strongholds to secure the territory that we gained against the potato-tanks. In the defence of such strongholds, the IS-6 will play its greatest role as the hero of the Soviet republics. Using inexpensive repairs and boundless APCR, the IS-6 becomes as unbreakable as the will of the people. While the enemy loses innumerable tanks in the field, our IS-6's will always return ready for another fight; through the Power of the Motherland, the Red Army will never be defeated in a war of attrition!








    The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study concludes that there is no limit to using APCR on the IS-6. Therefore, we encourage all tankers to load plenty of gold as we plow through the potatoes on our quest for e-fame. With the might of Mother Russia behind us, with Stalin's teachings inside us, and with eternal glory before us, let us carry the Red Banner from victory to victory!








    We acknowledge the crucial contributions of 12-kill platoons. Also, we thank Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Ivanov Ivanovski (Scout_in_da_house) for providing IS-6 combat data. Finally, we blame Worstplayer_NA for bringing us back to this terrible game.






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Many thanks and much o7's, comrade. May you continue to serve the Motherland with glee as you crush capitalist potatoes and fascist box tanks.

Someone change his title to Mighty Proletariat Engineer

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This was done on premium account yes? Unless I completely potato I've found that I can still make a profit using even if more than 50% of my shots that round were APCR. This is with a premium account however. Does the lack of premium put this over the edge?

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