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So, as a bit of background and context, I used to win more. A LOT more. Like solo'ing 58% for 1000 battles in my 140 and IS-7. I consider winning to be the only thing that matters (I will use WN8 in the context of this poast though, for comparison). However, I never really progressed beyond blue. As I continued to stagnate there, I noticed one day that I had a particularly bad losing streak with the same WN8 as I typically get when I win a lot.


I found this to be strange, as with my uber-aggressive play, my WN8 typically correlates to my win-rate; either I derp and die early for low WN8 and a loss, or get high WN8 and a win. Despite this anomaly, which should have struck me harder than it did, I shrugged it off as a result of tilt and low sample size.


Fast forward about a month and a half, same exact recent WN8 as before, but MUCH lower win-rate with the same tank set. I'm just curious as to what happened. Now I'm wondering if better players could help me figure out why this is happening. About the only change is that I'm platooning more than ever before, with better players, to see if they can tell me what's gone sour, but I'm still having teams fold constantly. I'm now starting to get results like this:


Wins/Battles: 0 ( 8 ) (0.0%)
Exp: 4 237 (529)
Free Exp: 194
Kills: 12 (1.5)
Deaths: 8 (100.0%)
Damage Dealt: 20 143 (2 517)
Damage Received: 13 340 (1 667)
Spotted: 11 (1.4)
Defence: 0 (0.0)
Capture: 0 (0.0)
Efficiency/WN8: 1 514 2 614
0/8 battles solo, 2614 WN8
The sad part is not the result itself, but the fact that it's becoming more and more common.
I can't even get my normal amount of spotting because all of my teams have been rushing out ahead of me, in every direction.
I'll poast some fresh replays later for people to analyze.
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Read the battle more. You yolo more than myself, which is occasionally hard to believe...

You're basically driving to points on the map you know are useful, but you don't really analyze whether you should be there, or another place that might be normally less useful, but is more likely to swing the battle in your favor in a single match. Positioning is the vast majority of the game ^^

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I agree with derp. There are great spots on all maps, but they are still very situational and you need to know when it is the right time to either push out of them or just get the hell out. It comes down to understanding why spots are good/bad, as well as why some tanks are better suited than others. If you play each match the exact same in the tank, then odds are it may only work out 55% of the time, rather than reacting to battle developments (purple), or making them happen yourself (super uni).

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For starters, being "uber-aggressive" in general doesn't make any sense in this game. Get into the mindset of reading situations and making good decisions by weighing the risk/reward. Sometimes, taking it slow and playing more passive is the best play available e.g. if there is a lot of uncertainty in where the enemy could be don't rush in and get nuked unnecessarily, etc. If you want to rush a "good" early position, then make sure your team is going to be in a position to support you there; if not it's pointless.


I personally think your low survival rate indicates that you're throwing your tank away too often.

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That's just bad luck dude. No amount of tactical advice is going to change that. 0 out of 8? Statistically you should have won at least 3 even with 0 damage done. Don't sweat it and carry on.

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x 3 weekends can be brutal. I got brutalized yesterday as well. 6 wins, 12 losses but it bled over and I didn't do very good either. Getting one clicked, my flank getting overrun, anything bad that could happen did happen yesterday. It was not fun so I left.


I have had situations where I started off 0 wins 8 losses and then I rip off a 10-15 game winning streak. As long as you are playing well then I would suggest sticking with it as the wins will start to follow. If you are playing poorly, ala my performance yesterday, then you are better off finding something better to do with your time.

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8 is too low number for statistics to kick in. Thats just bad luck. Your WN8 together with your fast dying means you do a lot of early damage (if important or not that is the main question), which by itself should carry you to win. But some players refuse to get carried :)

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