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ST-I... No wait, ST-l topic (STONE)

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If it is ST-I or ST-l, I'll probably never know. Don't care either, because this beast > World of Tanks.

I like to compare it to the E-75, which is the one of the other 3 actual heavy tanks you can find in tier 9.


Set-up is the same as all my other typical heavies (will put a nice picture here in the weekend - for now you'll have to enjoy the result of a ménage à troi that is integrated graphics, OS X and WoT)




Main advantages

  • Only tier 9 heavy tank that can actually hull down without converting cupola(s) to swiss cheese. Only high penetration guns can punch through the 'weak spot' on turret, but it's still extremely difficult to hit.
  • Decent gun selection: if you're short on free xp you get the BL-9 from the IS-3 (unless for some reason you haven't got that one already) which is perfectly fine because USSR. Once upgraded to the top gun you shouldn't have a problem penning 9/10 things you'll meet. If you want to make things easier there are 340mm (because 330 has proven to be slightly unbalanced on the T-54)  HEAT shells.
  • Good gun depression, which helps 1 significantly.
  • Pretty good DPM, it's probably my set-up and crew, but reloading quicker than 11s to derp an occasional 500dmg is nice.
  • Side armor is ridiculously good against lower tiers (KV-13 in replay)
  • Leads to super OP IS-4


Main disadvantages

  • Russian heavies usually have bad view range, this bad boy gets 380m base. Which isn't bad.
    Until you check the E-75 that gets 400, or you get in tier X battles.
  • Sluggish.
  • Lower plate is much weaker than the germans, the track traverse (horrible compared to E-75) doesn't allow for quick angling either. Still feels stronger than other heavies (Conqueror, WZ 111-111111111), or maybe pubs just don't aim for it.
  • Wurst dispersion.
  • Premium ammo is HEAT (T30 in replay).



The usual replay for educational bragging purposes.




Couple of 'errors' I made

  1. Exposing my side to the hill while searching for shots on the 7/1, M103 or IS8. My brain put them on some kind of top priority...
  2. Not fully aiming in on the KV-13. Oh no, I missed some precious WN7 ratink!
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Totally agree with your advantages and disadvantages. So far i played almost 100 battles and i am rly enjoying this tank.

Next goal would be the E-75 to compare this two.


*74 Battles

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The ST-I is glorious, that's all I have to say.


The IS-4 was one of the first line I grinded, I actually bought the ST-I after the IS-4 got promoted from tier 9 to tier 10. And god, I loved it, it's a monster in tier 9 games. And can hold it's own easily in tier 10 games.

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Anyone who says "ST-one" is wrong, because I say so.


And it's an absolute beast of a tank.






It is ST-One. Russian website lists it as CT-I (roman numeral (there is no "I" letter in the Russian alphabet)).

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I tell you Ivan ST-I much stronk soviet steel, is made from alloy of Stalinium and Leninium melted together by great heat of Soviet hearts as they burn brightly for love of mother Russia, so IS4...who needs IS4.

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It is ST-One. Russian website lists it as CT-I (roman numeral (there is no "I" letter in the Russian alphabet)).

This gives me an idea, I'll add new name to title.


Nice replay.

Too bad you're not in it.

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The fucking turret bloom + aim time on this thing always made me want to rage-vomit when I ground through it, even if I liked everything else. But that was before the sigma-changes and arty nerfs.


Back then I just made everyone choke on the 400+mm HEAT pen to share my suffering. And the HEAT nerfs since then are still a net gain for the ST-I, good silver pen anyway.


Been tempted to buy it back now. Fits the current predominant map style, sigma changes will allow for *some* snapshots, arty slightly worse than before.


I really just owned it because it looked cool and it still does that.


Still funny that it reloads slower than the IS-8, I guess that second loader is all thumbs.

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Hmm i have a good replay of my semi stock ST-I somewhere.

More luck then brains sadly but still a nice ammount of damage racked up.

I maxed it since then and  must say it's more orl ess the E75's equal. Heck it's better when hulldown and the frontal armor is pretty trollish when angled.

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