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Hi Everyone

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Hi All,


Thought I should probably spend more time around here these days as working (slowly) to becoming a unicum - currently only blue but definitely heading in the right direction.


Bit about my WoT career

- Started playing a bit over a year ago, spent most of the last year in QSF. When I joined I only had one hand (and did so for some time) as the other was broken, yet I still played when I could (mostly arty left handed!)

- Only have one tier X tank with about 7.5k games played, I like a variety so playing a variety of tanks


About me

- Used to produce music but no longer have the time to put into it

- I design AUVs and ROVs (underwater robots) for a defense company during the day and spend what time I don't have in WoT with my fiancée

- I spend a lot of 'free-time' modding/tweaking/hacking anything I can get my hands on... from Japanese sports cars to computer programs so have played around a bit with modding in WoT (generally taking other people's work and making it better!)



QSF is one hell of a gaming community so hoping that this place is just as inviting to someone who wishes to progress



(I also swear that WaterWar did not hold a gun to my head to make me sign up on WotLabs)

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Sorry for spamming your thread, I just need to test something quickly.

I like that your are on WotLabs btw. You will hopefully find some useful tips and tricks here ;)


EDIT: didn't work. Sry D:

Edited by WaterWar

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