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[0.9.19] MatraMod Customisable Vanilla Modpack [Updated 28/04/17]

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This modpack has been in constant development since 2013 to get closer to the 'look and feel' that the game should have. It's a hyper-lightweight setup that allows the user to easily customise the modpack to their tastes. I wanted to work on this to make it perfect, not just dump a collection of mods in a pack. It has taken a lot of time and dedication (not to mention testing!) to get this damned near close enough to perfect and yes... I also use this modpack myself. Updates tend to be available either on patch-release day or 1 day after. Includes the following features:

  • My easily customised XVM config
  • 24 options for 6th Sense Icon
  • Cleaner 'end game' page showing total dmg done by you, XP earned and credits after resupply
  • All premium consumables and ammo are set to the credits option (rather than gold by default)
  • Rudy 6th Sense Dog Sound
  • Traverse lines for TDs shown on the minimap
  • Zoom Out mod [optional extra]
  • Free Cam for replays [optional extra]
  • SafeShot (for dead tanks and/or allies with no chat spam) [Utilities Mod]
  • Reload notifier macro for 'reload drum' key [Utilities Mod]

This modpack is one of, if not the most efficient customisable modpacks with all the features you could want or need... whilst also retaining a very 'Vanilla' feel. Just look at the screenshots for comparison! XVM stats are disabled by default and you can choose where you want stats to be visible! Either have your screen look like a unicorn took a great big dump on it - or use it to wean yourself off stats slowly by only having the 'stats form' (pressing tab in-game) with colours.

Complete and in-depth Online Documentation is also available to help and for those who want more customisation I have included details on how to enable things such as Auto-equipment and Auto-crew return.


Whats New in this version?



Full Online Documentation available too!!





None reported


Screenshots (click thumbnails for larger versions)


Comparison of minimaps Vanilla on left, MatraMod2 on right [Vanilla now used from 9.16+]

minimap_Vanilla.jpg minimap_Matra.jpg

MatraMod2 benefits:

  • Minimap can be made larger/smaller than vanilla using + and - keys
  • Traverse lines for TDs
  • Simple and easy to see camera direction line
  • Shows aim indicator on minimap when playing clicking scumbags SPGs

Comparison GIF (click to play)


New Improved camera line (looks more like vanilla) for all versions after patch 9.16


Spacing between the middle of each 'gap' is 100m, sadly you cannot use the traverse lines and in-game camera line option so I made this config to look like the in-game option (option to disable line also available)


Comparison of Player Panels Vanilla on left, MatraMod2 in the middle and an example with stats on the right.

Stats colour is based on metric set (WN8 for Wotlabs option, your choice on XVM website option)

NOTE: Stats example is from an old config, it's here to show the colour 'splash'. Actual panel is formatted the same as MatraMod2 - just coloured... obviously! The MatraMod2 example also shows the damage log above it. You can see why I now chose to remove some of the unicorn poop colour from the screen to give it that 'vanilla' feel.

panel_Vanilla.jpg panel_Matra.jpg panel_Stats.jpg

MatraMod2 benefits:

  • Uses a slightly darker colour to be less distracting on screen
  • Uses opacity to control to show who has loaded into the game (and who hasn't) - obvious who hasn't loaded in.
  • Easier to read name/clan tag, clan tag differs from name format and includes space
  • Neat and tidy Damage Log (optional)
  • Right side of screen mirrors the same format as left (name, space. clan tag as opposed to clan tag, space, name).

Comparison GIF (click to play)


Remaining HP shown for both teams/players when pressing alt, can be made 'permanent' by selecting the smallest players panel.



On 'Alt Keypress'



Comparison of Battle Loading Screens Vanilla on left, MatraMod2 in the middle and an example with stats on the right.

Stats and colour are based on metric set (WN8 for Wotlabs option, your choice on XVM website option)

NOTE: Stats example is from an old config, it's here to show the colour 'splash'. Actual screen is formatted the same as MatraMod2 - just coloured... layout is Games Played Overall, Metric(WN8 etc), Overall Winrate. Ignore the tank icons too... can't believe I used to play this game with so much colour!!

battle_Loading_Vanilla.jpg battle_Loading_Matra.jpg battle_Loading_Stats.jpg

MatraMod2 benefits:

  • Nicer Font
  • Shows platoon icons (of players in platoons)
  • Easy to read name/clan tag
  • Able to see who has already loaded into the game
  • De-cluttered screen

Comparison GIF (click to play)



Sixth Sense Options - (click to enlarge)



Screens of in-game placeholder


Just a video showing how clean the mod looks during normal play. Shows utilities script too


If you want to share any videos or screenshots then feel free 

I will be slowly adding more in future now that I have a non-potato powered PC



I also write the odd tutorial and they can be found on the links below

Make your own Marks of Excellence mod tutorial
Make your own XVM config tutorial - Discontinued due to lack of support but useful for reference



Some of you may wish to 'buy me a coffee' or something to say thanks for all the hard work... well I don't drink coffee but I am a budding magician so feel free to buy me a pack of cards or something from my Amazon Wishlist. I genuinely have no idea on how many man hours have gone into all of my modding stuff over the years, the config guide took over 120 hours alone! I also will not turn away any in-game gifts - or why not just donate that money to a good charitable cause like Cancer Research? Let me know (with proof) that you have donated and I'll add you to the hall of fame!


Archive No Longer Available as it's a pain to keep updated, I don't go back a few patches and only keep development issues now. It also starts taking up considerable amount of space with the latest influx of mini-patches etc.


See Online Documentation for full credits list

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10/10 will download cuz of Gaben sixth sense. 


But seriously, this mod looks very clean and to the point. I am going to download asap and give it a try.




Thanks (PC Master Race ftw! Good old Yahtzee)


I removed a lot of the superfluous information that I regard as clutter but give people the option to put some of it back. It can take a while to find all of the alternative settings that you want but as far as I know it's the only modpack which has easy configs for damage panel, zoom and xvm mods


The sixth sense in the video is in the sixth sense alternatives folder with instructions and whatnot but I'm sure you know what you're doing anyway ;)

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Updated the FAQ with regards to recent mod changes on the NA servers.


I am working on a release for 0.9.5 already and this one is even more efficient and smaller than the previous releases! Which is a pretty high achievement considering XVM itself is now larger than ever before.

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That is poor costumer service. :(


Hush you! You're a 'SuperTester' anyway so you get the not quite polished off version (or final version) before others do anyway :P it purely depends on what bugs I can find and fix as there generally are some!

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Updated for 9.5, damage panel hasn't been fully tested but XVM configs and zoom should work just fine. Thus the experimental release!


Changes include some major overhauling to increase efficiency further (can't actually make the modpack any smaller now!), this is now the same size as previous releases but contains MORE options and XVM itself has grown too but able to keep size to a minimum (about 8.75Mb on disk in total!!!)

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I have found some bugs (as it is release day after all!!) I will be fixing these and releasing the beta build tomorrow morning :) (about 10am Queen's time)


Just finished fully testing everything and once the bugs are fixed it will actually be a final release :)

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I was wondering, is it possible for me to just use your custom zoom config/mod and nothing else?  Would I just put the ZoomX.xml in my resmods/9.5/gui folder?


You would need the python scripts, zoomX and avatar input handler. (all required for full customisation, alternatives can be found in res_mods/xvm/configs/Alternatives/Zoom Alternatives)


Python scripts are found in res_mods\0.9.5\scripts\client\AvatarInputHandler\DynamicCameras

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I love your modpack but there are a couple of minor issues that I don't know to which extent is your fault and which is XVM itself.


1) You have switched light and dark colors around (eg. the wotlabs rating above yellow is light green -> dark green, light blue -> dark blue etc.)


2) My FPS goes through the floor for the first few seconds, then restore themselves.


3) When switching "tabs", it gets a different color config for a short while until it updates (from the fully shown names, tank types and such to the middle one)


4) Sometimes it doesn't display correct winrates (mine has gone from 55 to 65 today, when it should show 61).


Otherwise, I really enjoy the modpack: The extra zoom is great and I never demanded much outside vanilla anyway.

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Most of what you describe above are small xvm bugs that are being fixed or have been fixed since the rc1 release. I have tweaked all configs to be where they should now be and should be releasing an update tomorrow (again) which should be the 'polished' version.


I tweaked the colours slightly for better visibility, the better the player the brighter the colour (apart from unicum). It makes it easier to distinguish in game - or at least I think so anyway! Chose my own colours using the wotlabs colour scheme as a guide. 

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Released another update containing a cool little trick where it will show you which enemy players are using XVM services.


This is disabled by default but can be activated by reading the readme.txt contained in res_mods\xvm\configs\Alternatives (copy the file to the right location)


For xvm indicator it is located in res_mods\xvm\configs\Alternatives\Spotted Indicators\XVM Indicator, copy this file to your MatraModSettings folder and job done. A little XVM logo will appear beside them if services are active, it will be greyed out if they have XVM but services are not currently active (expired token etc)


Here is an example of what it looks like (tank icons are not included in modpack, if you wish to use them they are made by AsaGrandpa)



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Fix for the 'winter mode' - the 8 bit thing with funny tanks, fix for win rate bug and damage panel bugs are ready, just require some testing :)


I will also post up guides at some point how to extract the damage panel and zoom mods for use with whatever modpack you use as quite a few of you have PM-d me about this. (Zoom mod not compatible with PMOD's zoom though!)

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I've tried most of the other packs on the site.  Guess I'll try this one for a bit.


Any feedback is always appreciated :)


There are a lot of available options (with another coming soon) so play around if you feel like something new :)

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Thank you, very well made and i think the easiest modpack to customize i have ever used including mods that are legal for NA.


Thanks for the feedback, when working with the QSF community I noticed that everyone had a desire to tweak their modpacks ever so slightly to suit them - which is where this pack came from :)


I can teach people basic coding principles but why bother when you can make drag/drop options :P

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Bit of bad news. I'm not going to be able to fully update/test the new modpack until after the weekend. I have been off work ill for two weeks and all my source code is on a drive I left at work :(


I can knock up an xvm config/damage panel workaround for the time being but after my first play with 9.6 it looks as though the zoom requires a bit more work



EDIT: Scratch the above, I have knocked together something for you all quickly and will release a better version next week hopefully (when I am feeling better and back at work!)


I know there are bugs and I know the smaller playerpanels are not showing the platoon icons at the moment, this is an easy fix and will be fixed in the next release. (Due to the changes in xvm file structure it was looking in the wrong place for the images!)


There are also other xvm bugs (traverse lines etc) that are not showing at the moment but will hopefully be fixed by the next release :)

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