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Describe People in 3 Words

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Can confirm _Dia's salt.


Luna: Disgusting horse-fucker (Thanks to AgentSmith for that!)

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Solono : fuck my job

Barks: Sexyexternally


Marine:Terrible @ tonks

MaxL:WTF are you doing YOYO (yes more then 3 :( )

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Smiley: Underscore naming nomenclature

Garbad: Egotistical, controversial patriot

Zepherex: Makes awesome sigs

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Garbad: Guru Agent Provocateur

MaxL: Angry But Right

Rexxie: The Chillest Teacher

Jacg: Outdamages With Scouts

Xensation: Spergy Euro Overlord

Cuni: Are You Me?

canadiantrex: Loves His SPershing

dirtd0g: Loves Talking Dicks


Could keep at this all day <3

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Gandy: Best 34-3 Teacher

Cuni: Furry Furr Fag

Trex: WR Padding Slut <3

Haswell: Worst Rager NA

Alesia: Get Dominated Yo


Fluffy: NSFW Chat Spam

Elusion: Never Fucking Loses

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