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Idk what to do. I keep trying to survive and damage, but I can't seem to carry any of my teams to victory. Am I being too aggressive? Not aggressive enough? Need moar HEAT? 

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I can't keep up with all these posts. I'll find some time to watch your replay.. later.


Okay, in this replay, you got vision and saw right away that you were numerically outnumbered in the west. Noticing that, the next conclusion should have been that fighting a pitched battle would be highly disadvantageous and therefore a really bad idea. You fail to leave yourself a path to escape, and instead fight futilely to the death against enemies that you'd be unlikely to win against.

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Book marked and downloaded, will watch tomorrow and pretend I know how to T-54

I am horrible at getting to this shit in a reasonable amount of time. ugh i should be fired.

Judging by the amount of non-purples you're playing against i'm guessing you're on the west coast. I should try that.

First I think you should carry more gold rounds, I carry 20 AP 28 HEAT 2 HE. But that's just preference. Also gold consumables, at least a gold fire exting if you're going to carry a fire exting.

Siegfried Line:

I'm releived to see you didn't go field. You start in a good hull-down spot and wait for targets.

When shooting the 103 at the end you back up too far and leave yourself exposed giving the IS8 a shot on you. You didn't give yourself a very good escape path, which cancels your ability to flex completely because you risk taking lots of damage when pulling out. Luckily when backing out the IS8 didn't shoot you.

You're too focused on the IS and don't see the Cearn looking at you, take a hit. Then you don't check both ways before crossing the street and get hit again. Then you don't notice the KT until too late and take anohter hit. Then the ST1 just mops you up.

Overall just too much un-needed damage, good initial position, bad secondary position.


Good deployment again imo, although with the ELC lighting those guys up I would've stopped on the ridge and shot at the jagpanther and stuff as they trickled down. That's just the damage farmer in me though. You weren't exaclty at risk of losing a chance to get to your position by delaying.

It looks like you still think you have 8.5 accuracy. You took a lot longer to shoot that super pershing than I would've. You waited until the reticle was absolutely closed then shot. Not really a bad thing but /shrug. You then rush a shot when the SP and IS-2 overlap each other for some reason, like you didn't know which to shoot.

You leave yourself exposed to the IS-3s shot trying to hit the panther, and take too long to egress out of a bad situation, giving the SP, E-50, and Conq shots on you, losing all your health and having to burn your repair kit on your engine, and you have a broke turret. Then the E50 swats you.

So far the theme seems to be un-needed damage. The main thing in this one is you stuck around too long to try and hold a dieing flank by yourself. In the T-54 especially you need to learn when it's time to bail. You're not an E-75 where you can hold off 3+ people with your awesome armor. Fall back and find a bush, or just view range abuse and do a staggered retreat. You could've egressed back far enough to stay unspotted and still shot at stuff, then as they were over-whelming your last people, fall back to D2/3 and just keep the cap reset while your pubs work out what to do next.

Arctic Region(why is this called Mannerhiem Line in the replay file? weird):

You get focused on trying to shoot the 54 and 62A behind you, and you back out waaay in the open and lose over half your health for nothing. You're so focused on those two mediums that you arn't doing your part holding the A/B/C lines.

Unneeded damage, bad focus, a lot of indecision and panicking it looked like.

Fisherman's Bay:

Seeing that many people on your team down the 2 line, I would've set up more on the 5/6 line to try and get shots into town to assist your heavies there.

Once the 54/IS4 and the T44 light you just seem to have no idea what you really want to do.

Nice shot ont he E5 though. And good job flanking the 44 after you see that the IS7 is down, but you push out too far and rush your shot on the 44. luckily both the TDs were reloading or you could've been in some kind of hurt. Luckily the 183 only hit your track with an AP round.

You do a solo #yolo rush across the open to the town, giving them lots of shot on you, then you come face to face with an E5 and stick around. I would've pushe dup north with your WZ and tried to flank/bully the two TDs up there while your TDs helped clean them up, then when that was done asses where the enemy was and go back to reset, cap, or flank and help your TDs finish people off.

Also about you saying the city 'failfucked'. They were obviously grossly outnumbered from the start, no one flexed help them (including you). They did all they could to hold off the oncoming tide.

Bad positioning and decision making on this one I think.

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