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Noob Club Advent Calendar - Free Video Every Day

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The big count-down to Christmas has begun!


Hello tankresses Smile_girl.gif and tankers. Smile_honoring.gif




Ever wondered why you can't penetrate weaker enemies? The tankers Mouse Hunter and Scary Shell explain and demonstrate the technique of angling a tank. Sidescraping is a well-known trick that uses angling. But how does it really work?

In this episode:

  • The math behind angling (0:46)
  • Angling the hull (1:49)
  • Angling the turret (2:52)
  • Sidescraping (3:59)
  • Sidescrape duel (6:13)
  • Traps in a real battle (7:25)


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Video for December 2nd



What to Do with a Tier I Tank? – Do you know the answer in every detail? The tanker Mouse Hunter explains every aspect from gaining experience to selling the tank. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn everything you need to know. What would you do with your tank crew?


In this episode:

  • Gaining the first experience (1:45)
  • Researching the first modules (4:42)
  • Gaining more experience (7:21)
  • Researching the entire tank (12:30)
  • What is an elite tank? (14:03)
  • Selling the tank (15:00)
  • What to do with the crew (16:30)
  • Buying a new tank (18:01)




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[5:30] The most important thing on a tank is the gun. The bigger the gun, the more damage you can do, and the more experience you can earn.

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What in the name of all things green, blue and purple is this doing here?

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Video for December 3rd



How can platoon mates support each other? The tankers Mouse Hunter and Scary Shell give some tips and show in battle how to help not only the team but also each other.


In this episode:

Keep in contact (0:30)

Attacking the same target (1:25)

Arty warning system wink.gif (4:05)

Same tier or not? (5:03)

Low tier arty vs high tier enemies (6:09)

Extreme test for little arty (7:34)

The Pz. I C incident biggrin.png (9:33)





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Video for December 4th



How can you find great tanks quickly? The tanker Mouse Hunter guides you through the tech trees that offer the most opportunities. Now you can get vehicles of all kinds faster. Which will be your favorite tank line?


In this episode:

How to research less to get more (0:45)

The British tech tree (1:20)

The American tech tree (2:40)

The confusing German tree (3:44)

Variety of the Russian heavy line (5:15)

Opportunities of the Russian midi line (7:18)





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Video for December 5th



How is artillery different from other tanks? The tanker Mouse Hunter introduces you to the game play with a tier II artillery. Set up an artillery and plunge into battle. How is your artillery experience?


In this episode:

Prepare your artillery (0:50)

The bird's-eye view of artillery (3:00)

Arty player's requirements (4:29)

More useful tips (5:55)





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Video for December 6th



How many credits do you need for your next tank? The tanker Mouse Hunter sheds some light on non-premium tanks to find the best money makers. The datas provided by http://vbaddict.netreveal some surprising results.


In this episode:

British money makers (1:16)

French money makers (2:05)

American disappointment (2:35)

Russian steel to make silver (2:59)

And the winner is… (3:40)





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Video for December 8th



What is that suppose to mean? The tanker Mouse Hunter points out one of the biggest mistakes tankers can do: camping. In some battle scenes he also shows how to avoid this.


In this episode:

Why rolling out is important (0:50)

Keep moving in battle (1:30)

The role of each tank type (3:34)

How to scout (4:45)

Staying behind in a TD (7:28)





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I love advent calanders. Interesting what you did.

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Thanks a lot. :)  Sorry for being late, I had some technical issues. Also the forums were down at some point.



Video for December 9th


Dandy Tanks: BDR G1 B



What is a dandy tank? The tanker Mouse Hunter introduces you to the easy-to-play French heavy tank BDR G1 B. See it in action and find out how to set up equipment and crew.


In this episode:
BDR G1 B in action (0:33)
How to equip the tank (5:38)
Selecting crew skills (6:54)




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Video for December 10th


When to Mount a Derp Gun



Who does not dream of a powerful gun? The tanker Mouse Hunter explains the differences between a derp and a standard gun, and how you will have to battle with a derp gun. When will you equip your tank with a derp gun?


In this episode:
Downsides of a derp gun (0:46)
High alpha damage (2:23)
KV-2 sniper test (3:08)
Explosion, splash, and bouncing (3:37)
Just one more… (5:30)
Play style with a derp gun (6:33)




Took a little longer, but I was able to improve recording quality. :-)

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Video for December 12th


Epicene Tanks: VK 36.01 (H)



Now what is an epicene tank? The tanker Mouse Hunter takes a look at tanks that are classified as one type, but also show charateristics of another type. How would you describe the VK 36.01 (H)?


In this episode:

The derp, the armor, and the speed (0:42)

The old tale of a German midi (2:52)

The big gun (3:48)

Gun details (4:53)

The medium gun and how to play (5:29)





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Video for December 14th


Fun(ny) Tanks: The Duck



Can this duck fly? Not this one, but the tanker Mouse Hunter reveals the strengths and weaknesses of this unique tank. When will you fly out?


In this episode:

Flying fast (1:25)

The gun, oh, the gun Smile_sceptic.gif (1:59)

Let the shells be bouncy Smile_veryhappy.gif (2:57)

How to play the Duck (3:36)





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Video for December 15th

Save Every Coin and Credit



Why do you need so many credits? The tanker Mouse Hunter answers not only the question of why, but also gives tips and tricks on how to save credits. How much do you need for your next tank?


In this episode:

Currencies in W.o.T. (0:35)

Why do you need so much credits? (1:09)

Missions and specials (1:54)

Spending and saving credits (3:23)

Training the crew (4:47)

Tank service (6:43)

Equipment (9:05)





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Video for December 17th


Tricky Tanks: Cat Out of Hell



Why would the fast Hellcat with its great gun be tricky? The tanker Mouse Hunter disarms the pitfalls on the way to victory. Several battle scenes help to explain how to play the Hellcat — and how not.


In this episode:

Battling is not racing (0:44)

A tank destroyer it is (1:10)

Speed is your armor (2:11)

A pleasurable gun (4:00)

What not to do (4:31)

Getting closer to the action (5:22)

Improving your Hellcat (6:07)





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Video for December 19th


Fun(ny) Tanks: The BBQ



The American tank destroyer T18 not only looks like a BBQ it will also roast your enemies. The tanker Mouse Hunter introduces you to the steel box which is famous for its tough armor. What are the downsides of the BBQ?


In this episode:

Frontal plate and other armor (0:40)

Howitzer, the derp (1:45)

Speedy and sluggish (2:25)

Bad sniper, good sniper (3:05)

The little heavy tank (4:10)

Hot equipment (5:59)

Improving the crew (7:05)





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