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Capn Greg

Resources and such


To preface, there's certainly no shortage of replays out there with detailed explanations to provide some kind of insight into the inner machinations of a purple pubby stomper's mind. 
However, being someone who's been making videos for some time now and plans to make a career out of it, I figured it would be applicable to combine my interest in WoT with some easy to understand visual aids, cause video is a very effective format to convey concepts and details in. 

But I don't just want to blow hot air into the wind without actually saying anything that most people already know or won't see much use in. So I ask some of you who are much more knowledgeable about this subject than I... 

If any kind of video resource could be made available for World of Tanks, presented in a pretty formal manner, what would you want incorporated into the script? What specifically would these videos go over? Addressed specifically at potatoes, unicums, both? 

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