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Hello fellow unicums :v)

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hello unicums of wotlabs. after having used this website for a good three months (I used to use noobmeter) i have finally decided to create a wotlabs account!


so today the greatest thing happened!







Sup political history - Solono


To that end, I am seeking a mentor who can help me play at 1949 WN8 level. I heard that artillery is a lot of fun, so I am thinking of going down all of the artillery lines. 1949 WN8 seems to be quite hard to get in artillery, so I will need a lot of help from all of you great members of wotlabs!




yoroshiku onegaishimasu wotlabs!

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breaking circle jerks are not welcome.

Sorry Herr Solono but our circlejerk was proceeding unbroken as per Official Reichsdecree


We will endeavor to goosestep in line with your glorious fascist administration





plsgo and staygo


Kind regards,


Facist administration.

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