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Greetings from a borderline orange - trying to cope in a tier 6 LT

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You'll do your best damage and kills with your mobility batting clean up mid to late game when your opponents are more isolated and wounded.  Also, you'll have fewer unspotted opponents to account for.  I think wisdom dictates this means you curtail your aggressive tendencies early.


Not that your gun loses it's value in the early game - but your eyes might be more valuable.  Try to get to a good passive spotting location early.  If you have no hard cover, hold your fire.  


If you don't know one, can't figure one out, or can't get to one, then try for forward hard cover as close to the mid map area as possible.  Flex to find early sniping positions.  You can pen a tier 8 heavy that's in a furball about five times before they finally realize that giving you uncontested side boob is probably a bad idea and they should maybe deal with you.  As soon as that turret starts turning, back into hard cover and go find someone else to play with.  Head to a completely different area of the map - you've turned his gun, putting him at a disadvantage to your heavies in the furball.  On top of that, he's going to keep watching for you.  After all, why would you leave?  He certainly wouldn't in your position.


I think you've got the crew skills right (6th + camo), with room for debate about running all camo and retraining the commander to sixth sense later.  Especially considering the planned change for the sixth sense mechanism - it's going to be automatic once your radio operator gets 100% major qualification, but I don't remember if there is an ETA for that.  But anyway, that still takes longer to get 6th in trade off for getting the camo bonus in the meantime.


I run Vents, V-stab and Optics on mine.  Also, buy camo paint for credit.  This tank is built for the vision game, so you might as well take every advantage you can get in its strong suit.


Late addition on gun choice - I go with the single shot T91.  In trade for a fraction of a second slower reload, you never have to wait for 12 seconds to take the next shot.  If you play it right, you shouldn't be shooting at the fronts of tanks, so penning with AP should be fairly consistent.

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Thanks Fishrokk for your advise.


The tips given here seem to be comming into fruitition (is that even an English word?), got my mastery badge!!




Wouldn't mind more of these 17.000 WN8 games, LOL!

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fruitition (is that even an English word?)

So close and yet so far. The word you're looking for is "fruition"

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