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CandyVanMan's shady replay basement | Now with Bulldoge 3 mark session

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This is where you will learn that tapping "r" twice is winning.

This is where you will learn the ways of the Fatton.

This is where you will bow down to the majesty of the Object 263.

This is where you will see me wreck face in shit tanks and good tanks.

This is my shady replay basement, and there will be forced copulation.

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Tiger II on Westfield, south spawn.

Superior powderpuff gurlz toon.

I hate the Tiger 2 from the bottom of my heart, so to minimize the suffering I load APCR.

There have been people saying sprem does not inflate stats, they were lying, and this is a perfect example of why sprem is so strong.

I just 720 quickscope baddies all day with APCR, barely any exposure as I don't have to aim.

1497 base xp, 4171 damage, 977 assist damage, 6 kills, 1 spot, High Caliber, Top Gun and Ace Tanker.




I will tell my good friend Xen to kick you from klanu!!!






nice replays :)

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Do i get to feature too if i toon with you more often? :3


Have my +1, the ones i watched were very nice.

Only if you let me farm Ace Tankers :P

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T49 on Fiery Salient, north spawn encounter mode.

Platoon game, mostly some basic scout work.
First I go hill, as I have toon mates covering field, and because mouthbreathers can't spot hill for shit.

I light up stuff on hill and take the occasional potshot, I go down to support field when I consider the hill game won.

Snapshot at some light tanks, and then it's mopup duty.

1237 base xp, 1802 damage, 7287 assist damage, 1 kill, 4 spots and Patrol Duty



T49 on Erlenberg, attacker on assault.

Platoon with Gashtag.

We yolo up west flank hard, I blap shit, arty blaps Gash.

I continue my manly crusade by myself while Gash tells arty to die in a fire.

Bonus E-75 HEAT blap.

1326 base xp, 2881 damage, 4181 assist damage, 2 kills, 8 spots and Confederate



M46 patton on Steppes, north spawn.

Solo game in my trusty old Patton.

I yolo down east flank snapshotting left and right.

Run back to base to help there, stealing all the kills from our Cent 7/1.

Kill JT and T32 for top gun and go back to enemy base and spot cancer, Cent cures it.

1358 base xp, 5215 damage, 625 assist damage, 6 kills, 2 spots, Top Gun and Ace Tanker



263 on Severogorsk, south spawn.

A really close platoon game.

We go brawling down the east flank, winning us the initial advantage.

Enemies casually stroll into our base from the other flank, so we have to go back and defend.

We easily mop up the lowlifes that think capping is a worthwhile endeavor.

However, our own forces in the north gets steamrolled quickly while we are defending, so we head back in a group, and our E5 gets absolutely obliterated, leaving only me, my IS-7 toon mate and a clicker.

We head north, execute their meds and arty.

Featuring 263 powerslide at the end to celebrate the death of an arty.

1118 base xp, 4423 damage, 662 assist damage, 6 kills, 4 spots, Tank Sniper and Top Gun



E-50M on Airfield, east spawn.

Same toon and session as the 263 game above.

We were on a terrible streak with 30% winrate so far.

I go on the balcony to snipe bads, they don't really let me snipe them in mid, but some of the enemies were kind enough to come feed me damage so I don't have to move too much.

Do some quick peeking against their heavies, then a T54E1 and an IS-8 come peeking from the bottom, I track the E1 and he gets rekt.

Obj 140 decides it's a good idea to yolo through the pass, our IS-7 thinks it's unfair to gang up on the 140, so he backs up to cover the 140 from me, he dies and I kill the 140 anyway.

Quick mopup duty, I only do some quickscopes at WTE and clicker scum.

1345 base xp, 5868 damage, 1537 assist damage, 4 kills, 5 spots, Confederate, Steel Wall, High Caliber and Ace Tanker



Type-59 on Arctic Region, west spawn.

Solo game with 50%+ packetloss :/

I go into ditch and spot north, I try to blindshoot the camper bush.

12t next to me gets rekt by ISU, so I go middle of ditch to spot him, smack him a bit.

I spot arty camping corner over ramp, he dies as deserved.

JT 88 and Leopard rush me, I miss ALL my shots at JT track, still kill both and continue to their base and we mop up 122-44 and ISU.

1246 base xp, 3741 damage, no assist damage, 4 kills, 6 spots and High Caliber



T-54 LW on Lakeville, north spawn.

This is the game right after the above Type game, I tried switching to EU1 to see if I got rid of packetlosses, lolnope.

I go mid to spot and snipe, it goes somewhat according to plan, enemies suicide rush with FCM and T-54.

Both the FCM and T-54 go down without too much trouble, but the 34-3 right behind me dies a pointless death and blames me.

I go forward to spot, see a Type-64, smack him once, then an ISU tracks me for no damage, thank you RNGesus.

I snipe some more from mid, and move up to base to farm and mop up as soon as ISU is gone.

1162 base xp, 3189 damage, 1987 assist damage, 1 kill, 3 spots and Confederate



T-62A on Northwest, west spawn.

This is another solo game, this time in the T-62A bone head.

I yolo up west flank, bounce shit with my thick skull and murder people.

The murdering business goes pretty well and I end up with a top gun.

1146 base xp, 4441 damage, 5(!) assist damage, 6 kills, 3 spots, Steel Wall and Top Gun



121 on Ruinberg, south spawn.

Platoon game with Gashtag in his soviet bias 140.

I just yolo banana road to the middle street, get some support from an IS-7 and we secure our position.

Enemies try pushing into town, I light up the ass of their E-100 to show him the futility of his efforts and he gets murdered by our townsfolk.

Our village people and me finish of the tanks in field and I go for a flanking maneuver into town from their base.

Gash decides to dc and smacks into their JT, makes it easier for me to farm him, thanks.

We push into town from all sides, except Gash, gg wp.

1158 base xp, 6641 damage, 273 assist damage, 4 kills, 3 spots, High Caliber, Tank Sniper and Ace Tanker



121 on Ruinberg, north spawn.

A solo game in my 121.

I go city and spam gold at E-100 turrets, feels bad.

1067 base xp, 6282 damage, no assist damage, 3 kills, 1 spot, Confederate and High Caliber



121 on Fisherman's bay, north spawn.

Solo game in 121, really close one too.

I go to the good spotting position at start to check their city push and get some early damage, only land one hit though.

They have a Bulldoge spotting mid so I keep him lit and smack him one, he dies and they no longer have any map control.

Turn back to stop their push on our hill campers, their push was weak but arty could have made it dangerous, so best to take them out fast.

Go to their base and snipe a bit at their defenders, our WZ-132 unfortunately dies, and I don't feel like suiciding in.

I go back to take out the JPE drooling near our base, 113 shows up and I put him down.

I engage JPE and RNGesus saves me by making him hit my tracks, and he gets knocked out.

Mopup time, I ding arty and we win.

954 base xp, 4830 damage, 1495 assist damage, 2 kills, 1 spot, Confederate and 3 motherfucking marks of excellence!

The suffering is now over.


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Is that the WZ-120 or 121?

That is the very sexy, but also somewhat frustrating 121.

Just like it says in that last replay description oyXUcTx.png

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The three E5 matches in this post were successive, no other E5 matches between them!


T110E5 on Pearl River, east spawn.

Solo match and a terrible heartbreak.

I go north valley as any decent heavy tank should.

They have far superior firepower there, so I pull off a few shots and get the fuck out.

Try to flex to mid hill, goes pretty well, but my team is melting fast.

Now it's just a desperate last stand against their meds and some frenchies, I go down swinging, but it's not enough :(

1387 base xp, 8197 damage, 488 assist damage, 7 kills, 1 spot, High Caliber, Top Gun and Ace Tanker



T110E5 on Abbey, north spawn.

Another solo match in my E5, trying to see if luck is on my side this time.

Head to abbey to farm damage for third star, we rek Bulldoge and Bat on my way.

Farm people in all directions, but my team mates are not faring well.

Another desperate last stand, this time my ammo loadout bites me in the ass, I do 3-4 no damage hits simply because of HEAT, and I just don't manage to rek bitches in time </3

1226 base xp, 8262 damage, 1276 assist damage, 5 kills, 1 spot, High Caliber and Ace Tanker



T110E5 on Lakeville, north spawn.

Solo Lakeville match, all tanks are scout tanks.

I go mid and spot shit, snipe shit and rek face.

1322 base xp, 6053 damage, 5040 assist damage, 4 kills, 4 spots, Confederate, High Caliber and Ace Tanker



121 on Airfield, west spawn.

Platoon battle and shit spawn.

I get shit spawn, no chance of playing the regular med spot, so I go south hill to abuse my awesome depression :P

This works surprisingly well, I get off some decent early damage.

Enemy E-100 tries to outplay us with some clever flanking around the south, but I punish his naughtiness with some 122mm  communist AP through his roof, facist scum.

More general farming from mid, blindshoot people for 1300+ damage during the match.

I run out of AP and provide golden showers for everyone, gg wp.

1098 base xp, 7001 damage, no assist damage, 2 kills, 2 spots, Confederate and High Caliber


New format for my replays, as my dear clan commander showed how interesting walls of text are... :/


  1. fNSZ3O2a0N.jpg
  2. 6o2SUdyaJZ.jpg
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While i dont have mods (any mod) that MLG mod seems like a must have ;D


(also nice shooting on amx-120 ^^ )

That was one of very few times I would consider something a killsteal, he literally denied me top gun by one fire tick :(

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First time I've ever watched  a replay of someone else who also plays with 100+ fps :)


Btw nais gejm. Is that your signature move to cross the valley like that? Or did you just feel like it? :)

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First time I've ever watched  a replay of someone else who also plays with 100+ fps :)


Btw nais gejm. Is that your signature move to cross the valley like that? Or did you just feel like it? :)

I usually go north and be boring, but I felt like doing something different that game.

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IS-7 on Malinovka, north spawn.

Triple IS-7 platoon with THE_SEXY_ONE and THE_RAGING_ONE from [KITTY].

We of course yolo over field.

I proceed to snipe cupolas and spot shit with weak engines still left in their base.

VKP, T34 and 50 100 die because from the weakened structural integrity after my cupola sniping.

I snipe some E-100 lower plate stuff and murder a JP2 in the side with my last AP shells, then I start hemorrhaging credits by using APCR :(

E-100 turret face can't handle the golden shower, I smack him on the nose twice, but lose out on the kill *sadface*

Quick cripple fight with enemy IS-7 secures my Top gun medal.

I yolo toward their last tanks and teach them about russian bias armor and magic snapshots.

Our team "CAP FAST OR LOOSE!!1!" and /match

1287 base xp, 5804 damage, 4526 assist damage, 24 hits taken, 7415 damage blocked by armor, 6 kills, 2 spots, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun and Ace Tanker



263 on Mountain Pass, south spawn.

In platoon with TayIor_Swift (M60).

I tap "r" twice and yolo to bridge, murder face on Bulldog, Löwe, IS-7 and T34 in short succession.

T34 gank is a bit more dramatic than it should have been, but I somehow manage to avoid the magical clipping terrain and smack him in the face.

Tap "r" twice again and mop up some stragglers, netting me top gun and some decent damage.

Enemies might have shot at me, but I don't really notice such futile efforts in my mighty #yolowagon.

1258 base xp, 6558 damage, 976 assist damage, 13 hits taken, 3260 damage blocked by armor, 6 kills, 4 spots, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun and Ace Tanker


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So, I just bought the AMX 50 120, it's pretty good.

CTD on fjords match fucked my replay and got me killed right at the start, so that's why it's missing.





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That replay makes the FV215b look like a fun tank.  All those bounces, lol!  


But may I respectfully ask, who would ever grind up through the British heavy line to get to it?  I quit at the Churchill.  Are there redeeming values to this line hidden to me?


Anyway, thanks for you replays as well.  

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