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Intense Replay Breakdown

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This is the pilot episode of INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN featuring the BEST REPLAYS on the internet!

Wyvernn and Murph bring SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC and OTT commentary to RAMP UP THE INTENSITY!!

Fininicus and Alonzo from the DNK clan are the first to BRING THE PAIN in this SUPER INTENSE T-37 REPLAY!

Want us to DROP THE SCIENCE on your replay? Stick a link in the comments and if you're unlucky then we'll butcher your hard work!


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The enemy T37 is a clanmate of mine :D


I have three total carry games:

Panther II - http://wotreplays.eu/site/1352196#swamp-kolnidur-panther_ii (5k damage woho)

This one's awesome: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1355461#self (Top Gun and Confederate in the same game lel)

E 50 - http://wotreplays.eu/site/1387643#redshire-kolnidur-e-50

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Strap yourself in for the DIFFICULT second episode of INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN featuring the BEST REPLAYS on the internet.

Wyvernn and Murph ruin a SUPER INTENSE REPLAY with their SO CALLED COMMENTARY!

Servios has kindly submitted themselves to be our victim with this AWESOME WTF E100 replay. He is platooned with Asassin7 and Tanking Dakka.

Will they be able to carry the team to GLORIOUS VICTORY? Will Asassian7 ever forgive us for MISPRONOUNCING his username?

Will there be TEARS?

The answers to these questions and more in INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN!


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Sadly Wyvernn is TOO STUPID to make old replays work on new clients so we need NEW INTENSE REPLAYS!


Winning battles is good but we're not looking for good. We're looking for INTENSE! Losing a battle can be INTENSE too!


We want to mix in some HEARTBREAKING DEFEATS in with glorious victories so send us your DOWN-TO-THE-WIRE defeats so we can talk GIBBERISH all over it.


Many thanks and sincere apologies to all those that submitted replays before the update that we can no longer review.



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Back after an INTENSE CHRISTMAS BREAK. Murph and Wyvernn NARRATE another INTENSE REPLAY!

This week Splatacus drives around in the AWFUL-KLUNGE-PANZER-PANTHER while Murph and Wyvernn get giddy in anticipation of AWESOME RAM KILLS.

Will they get to see a tank RAMMED TO DEATH? Will they regret watching an AFK-PANTHER replay?

Grip your chair tightly. This is INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN!!


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It's the episode that was SO INTENSE it caused FLAMES to erupt from Wyvernn's PC during editing.

SirDerpsABit takes us on an EPIC ADVENTURE in the magical TYPE 59 medium tank. While Wyvernn and Murph DROP THE SCIENCE and school all the fools with 100% TRUE TYPE 59 FACTS!

Don't Blink. It's time for INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN!


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Could this be the most INTENSE EPISODE YET? Alonzo_Mosely takes out his T29 to bring FREEDOM to mountain pass.

This is an amazing game! The only thing that makes it better is Wyvernn and Murph's INTENSE COMMENTARY. Including references to PINNOCHIO, GEOLOGY AND HITTING PC'S WITH HAMMERS!

If you think you can handle the PRESSURE then tune in for INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN!

If you're wondering why there isn't the world famous INTENSE KILL-CAM in this episode, it is because it's an old replay and caused me too many problems to record different angles.

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Wyvernn and Murph LOVE a bit of KV-2 DERP. But do they love the derp TOO MUCH?! Judge for yourself in INTENSE REPLAY BREAKDOWN!

P_P_ shows us how to derp in this weeks INTENSE episode. Hopefully he will bring a VICTORY so that Wyvernn doesn't have to destroy another PC.

Some of the sound got messed up on this video but it's made up for by groundbreaking INTENSE SLOWMOTION!

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